Fans are curious about the recent behavior of STAYC’s company

 First, STAYC made their comeback with Bubble in August last year, and then started their first world tour from September 23rd.

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With the addition of the European tour, the world tour ended on March 11th, resulting in an eight-month hiatus until now.

However, their Youtube content has abruptly stopped since February of this year.

(The top two videos are promotional videos for the tour DVD.)

Q: Sense-nim, I heard that Jayoon mentioned on Bubble that there’s no Youtube content. Do you know what that means? It’s hard to live without their Youtube content

A: Yes. For now, it might be comforting to think that there’s no Youtube content. It seems like they’ve changed their marketing strategy to focus more on Youtube Shorts… 😭

The members themselves said that their company plans to focus on Youtube shorts, that’s why they said on Bubble that their other Youtube contents wouldn’t be available for a while.

Their Youtube content has been stopped for three months nowㅠㅠ

Fans mostly reacted asking why STAYC, who isn’t even a TikToker, is focusing on Youtube Shorts. Meanwhile, the company persistently keeps uploading only Youtube Shorts 😱

STAYC originally had regular behind-the-scenes content called Stay:SEE, but it’s not being released either… All the videos that should have been released as behind-the-scenes are coming out as Youtube Shorts instead (frustrating).

Considering that the comeback might be even later than expected, possibly in June or July, the Youtube content hiatus could become even longer 😭

Even though Youtube Shorts are trending these days,  I’m curious about their thoughts because having original content is crucial for attracting new fans and maintaining existing ones during the hiatus.

Moreover, STAYC is gearing up for a comeback…

Q: I’ve been a Sweet for not too long, but is there no Youtube content…? Behind-the-scenes video? Why is it from like a month ago?ㅠㅠ Are there really no contents? 🥺

A: This is a serious issue. It’s been two months without behind-the-scenes or Youtube Content since new fans joined. So, it’s right to ask like this, I think. HIGHUP, take responsibility and bring the behind-the-scenes content.

International fans as well as domestic fans are all expressing frustration and wondering what the agency is thinkingㅠㅠ


-It’s either the employees left the company or they are preparing to debut a rookie group; one of the two.

-It seems like the smaller companies relate to this struggle. Even large agencies don’t get many views compared to the time, money, and effort put into content. Smaller companies would do more. So, it’s better for them to focus on Youtube Shorts.

-Looks like the company just doesn’t have money… or people.

-Could it be due to lack of capital and manpower? Even if they upload content, they don’t get many views. Maybe they judged that it’s not efficient in terms of investment, so they’re focusing on short-form videos that offer better value for money.

-It’s probably a financial issue…

-Even so, it’s been months since the last content…ㅠㅠㅠ

-It’s all about money when it comes to producing content for smaller companies. They resort to Youtube Shorts since they cost less and can catch on overseas. Considering cost-effectiveness, Youtube Shorts are way better. 

-Maintaining regular content like that for a small company is difficult… Content production isn’t cheap.

-Without content, fans will drift away, though…

-With views like those, how can they afford content?ㅠㅠ

-The number of views…

-Maybe the person in charge left? My idol is from a small company too, and when the person in charge leaves, the content just disappears 

-This is frustrating…

-The reason is obvious This is frustrating…

-Maybe they don’t have money…

-Making content costs money, but Youtube Shorts don’t, and that’s the difference.