Fans Defend Lucas After Idol Was Mocked for Having Few People Attending His Sign Event

A photo of Lucas with his fans went viral. As netizens mocked the amount of supporters at his event, people defended him with THIS explanation.

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On April 1, Lucas made his return to the music scene with the release of his first single, “Renegade.”

To promote his solo debut, Lucas confirmed his appearance in various music programs as well as offline activities like fan sign events to meet his loyal fans.

Lucas Insulted After Sharing Photo With Fans

(Photo : instagram)

On April 5, an internet user took to the social media platform to share a photo of the idol with fans which he shared on his Bubble.

In the picture, it can be seen that Lucas took a commemorative photo together with his supporters who attended his recent event.

Seeing the number of people present in the venue, the netter then mocked the star, referencing one of the lines from his title track:

“Fan favorite he said.”

In less than a day since it was posted, the photo attracted about 3M engagement from K-pop fans and most of the netizens from about 8.1k quoted retweets were mocking the idol.

The reason why they are throwing hateful comments at the idol was because of his past gaslighting and cheating controversy, which was the reason he was kicked out from NCT and WayV.

Since then, he decided to remain under SM Entertainment and debuted as a soloist. But fans are frustrated that he was given such a privilege despite his controversies, while WayV lost numerous opportunities because of his scandal.

Lumis Defend Lucas from Malicious Comments

As hateful comments about him continued, Lumis, Lucas’s solo fandom jumped to his defense and called out haters for posting a photo without a context, which led other netizens to misunderstand that the event was snubbed.

The idol’s supporters explained that the photo was taken during the face-to-face sign event for Lucas’s first single, “Renegade,” held on April 4.

Despite the large venue, the fan sign event was actually exclusive only for 30 people, hence the few fans seen in the picture.

The 30 winners were selected via drawlots among the thousands of fans who purchased his album from the SMTOWN store.

With this, Lucas fans are demanding that haters just leave the idol alone and stop obsessing over him.