Fans glad to see Onew looking healthier in recent appearance

Article: SHINee Onew returns looking healthier after a year ‘bright smile that’ll make your heart flutter’

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Source: Behind via Nate

[+59, -1] Eat well and don’t get sick~~ so good to see him looking healthy!

[+32, -0] He’s put some weight on, he really does look really good

[+19, -7] Something looks different, what could it be?

[+17, -0] So good to see ❤️

[+6, -0] Good job, good job. Stay healthy, Onew-ya! My heart ached seeing how gaunt he looked last year, but now I’m choking up at seeing him so bright and happy. Onew-ya, you’re doing a great job ^^ thank you for showing us how well you’re doing!!

[+5, -0] Good to see him healthier 👍

[+3, -0] So glad he’s getting better~~ come back soon and let us hear your singing~~~

[+1, -0] Yeah, I’m not even a fan but I felt worried for him the last time we saw him. So glad he’s better now.

[+0, -0] I just want him to be healthy.. I’ll always support him

[+0, -0] ???? I don’t see a trace of his original face, though

[+0, -0] What happened to his nose? Or is it swollen?

[+0, -0] He looks like someone mixed in Taemin’s features with his face