Fans Speculated Yoo Seung-ho Might Appear In “Moving Season 2”+Main Writer’s Answer

Amid a flurry of requests for Season 2 after the Disney+ original series “Moving” ended, rumors of Yoo Seung-ho’s appearance unexpectedly have emerged, making viewers excited

In the 16th episode of “Moving,” which was released on September 13th, the story of Choi Il-hwan (played by Kim Hee-won), an NIS black agent who is working undercover as a teacher at Jeongwon High School, was told.

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Choi Il-hwan is in charge of managing students with superpowers and evaluating their abilities. Among them, Choi Il-hwan’s recollection of past students included a transfer interview with a student named “Kim Young-tak.”


Kim Young-tak’s face did not come out in the drama, but the document revealed that Kim Young-tak’s birth date was 930817, drawing attention. Coincidentally, this date of birth is the same as actor Yoo Seung-ho’s. 

In particular, Kim Young-tak is the main character of Kang Full’s popular webtoon “Timing” and has the ability to stop time. “Timing” is a major work that constitutes the Kang Full Universe and will also be continued with “Moving” through the subsequent series “Bridge.” For this reason, fans of the original movie could not hide their excitement at the appearance of Kim Young-tak in “Moving.”

The production of season 2 of “Moving” has not yet been confirmed. Disney+ is ready to actively support Season 2 thanks to the success of Season 1, but original author and drama writer Kang Full is considering the direction of the next season. This is because there are still big options, such as whether it will be a new story of “Moving,” connecting with new series such as “Bridge” and “Timing” like the webtoons, or serializing webtoons “Hidden” first. 


The rumor of Yoo Seung-ho’s casting is close to a joke because the writer has not decided what to use for the next season, and of course, he has not devised, kept in mind, or made a proposal for Season 2.

In response to the speculation, writer Kang Full appeared on SBS Love FM’s “Huh Ji-woong Show” on September 27th. When asked, “Did you expect Yoo Seung-ho to join the cast?” He said, “I was also surprised. I didn’t expect it. When I tried to match the year with the teacher’s age, I just put in the right date of birth. I didn’t know there would be an actor with the same birth date. It’s not an intended part,” he replied.

Questions are growing about what kind of story “Moving” Season 2 will be able to portray, and whether Yoo Seung-ho will appear.

Source: naver