Fans Unearth Proof BLACKPINK Lisa is Set to Come Back with Explosive Rosalía Collab

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In a whirlwind of excitement, BLACKPINK’s global fanbase erupted in speculation on May 14th as rumors of Lisa’s impending solo comeback surfaced.

The buzz reached a fever pitch when a fanbase account dropped hints of a tantalizing collaboration between Lisa and acclaimed Spanish artist Rosalía. Speculation soared as fans dissected the cryptic clues, with many interpreting the number “09” in the teaser as a potential release date slated for September.

What’s more, the account confirmed that the collaboration would feature Lisa’s solo track with Rosalía, amplifying anticipation among BLACKPINK enthusiasts.

The possibility of a Lisa-Rosalía collaboration isn’t merely wishful thinking.

Lisa herself had expressed her desire to collaborate with Rosalía and Tyla in her solo endeavors, as documented in her vlogs.

Moreover, the duo’s close friendship, evident from their past encounters, adds weight to the rumors.

Rosalía, a powerhouse in her own right, boasts an impressive repertoire of collaborations and accolades.

From her Grammy-winning hit “Con Altura” with J Balvin to her dynamic partnerships with industry heavyweights like Bad Bunny, Ozuna, and Travis Scott, Rosalía’s musical prowess is undeniable.

The anticipation for this potential collaboration is heightened by the duo’s shared history.

Their initial encounter at Coachella, followed by Lisa’s attendance at Rosalía’s birthday bash alongside her billionaire beau, Frederic, fuels speculation of a formidable musical alliance in the making.

As fans eagerly await further details, one thing is certain: if the whispers of a Lisa-Rosalía collaboration materialize into reality, it’s destined to be a chart-topping sensation that transcends borders and captivates audiences worldwide.


LaLyla, TyLisa… I need a name for this duo because the day they collab it’s going to be literal fire 

This collab would eat 

Lisa’s dream collaborations with Rosalía and Tyla sound like they’d create some amazing music together! 

beauty in one frame 

Lisa and Tyla collaborations would be a very good match,I really wish they do something together soon