“Fantasy Boys” production company sues Yoo Jun Won for 3 billion won in damages

Phunky Studio filed a lawsuit against Yoo Jun Won for damages.

According to Phunky Studio, the production company of MBC’s “Fantasy Boys“, on September 13, they recently filed a lawsuit against Yoo Jun Won with the Seoul Central District Court, requesting 3 billion won in damages.

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Yoo Jun Won, who became a member of boy group Fantasy Boys by winning first place on MBC’s “Fantasy Boys”, stirred controversy when he expressed his intention not to debut and left the team.

Yoo Jun won

Phunky Studio told Newsen, “From the perspective of the company, damages occurred due to the contestant’s breach of contract, and the rights of the shareholders were also infringed.”

They added, “In the case of survival show participants, they generally appear on the premise of debuting. If they’re selected for the debut group, they’ll sign an annex agreement with the production company after the program ends. We prepared an annex agreement with Yoo Jun Won according to the provisions of the standard contract specified by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. We also expressed our willingness to accept 13 additional demands from Yoo Jun Won, but he rejected even that.”

On the other hand, Yoo Jun Won’s side claims, “PocketDol Studio demanded unreasonable contract clauses. When we requested modifications, they added conditions that went beyond common sense, forcing us to agree.

Source: Daum