Fashion Magazine Names 4th-Gen Idols Who Will Most Likely Be Successful If They Go Solo: aespa Winter, ENHYPEN Heeseung, More!

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GQ Korea selected 5 idols from the 4th-gen era with honey vocals who will most likely succeed if they become soloists.

In K-pop, it is not unusual for idols who are active as a group to embark on a solo career. Among the 4th-gen stars, the following names have the highest potential to establish their own careers if they will also release music as soloists.

(The list is arranged randomly).


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Lia, who debuted in February 2019 is the main vocalist of JYP’s girl group, ITZY.

In the article, GQ praised her vocals.

“Lia’s vocals are very unique and attractive. Her voice is both light and soft, and her emotional control is excellent.”

The media also cited her good English pronunciation which let her digest pop songs outstandingly.

In the past, she proved her vocal prowess by singing OSTs such as “Blue Flower” for “Alchemy of Souls,” “Always Be Your Star” for “Red Sleeves,” and “One Hundred Love” for “Romantic Doctor 3.”

TXT Yeonjun

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Yeonjun is on the list, and as he should!

Since he was a trainee, he proved that he was born to be an idol, securing the No. 1 seat in all areas during their monthly evaluations. This made him “Big Hit’s legendary trainee.”

Although he shines bright as TXT’s visual, main dancer, and main rapper according to fans, the magazine also lauded his attractive vocals which is evident if you listen to TXT’s track, “20cm”

aespa Winter

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There is no doubt that NingNing is aespa’s main vocalist, but a lot of fans can’t help but praise Winter’s unique vocals and singing style that completes each of their songs.

GQ acknowledged her clear tone and unique technique, especially her solid and exceptional vocal range that can rock both low and high notes.

On the stage, Winter has one of the most stable sound quality and her live skills were also proven when they stepped on the Coachella stage.

ENHYPEN Heeseung

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With her powerful and emotional voice, Heeseung truly deserved his position to become the main vocalist of his boy group, ENHYPEN.

 Despite their difficult choreographies, his live skills were unwavering and he was in charge of almost all of the refrain from the group’s songs.

The media added:

“He has a cool voice, delicate technique, and ability to freely move between falsetto and true voice. He is even good at rapping.”

NMIXX Haewon

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Not but not least, GQ praised NMIXX members’ skills especially its main vocalist and leader, Haewon.

Among fourth-gen idols, she is actually considered one of the Top 5 top singers due to her clear, pure yet solid tone.

Either a thick true tone or a thin falsetto, expect that Haewon will never disappoint, not to mention her genuine emotion and expression when performing.

Even among non-fans, Haewon’s cover of “Halo” by Beyoncé is a hot topic, the same song that she sang during her audition in JYP in 2017.