Female Casts of Treasure’s Dating Show


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Graduated from Dongduk Women’s University Broadcasting and Entertainment Department



Starred in CheezeFilm on Youtube



Starred in A Killer Paradox

These women are not just ordinary people as they have appeared in the media at least once. 

Anyway, the reactions they’re receiving from viewers are positive, because they’re all pretty.

-Wow, they’re all so pretty…

-Is this being broadcasted on TV??? I thought it was just a self-made content??

-These women gain benefit from starring in the show, but what does Treasure gain exactly…?

-Among the casts of the recent entertainment TV shows, these girls are the prettiest. Seriously, they could debut as a group of four.

-Oh, they’re all cute and pretty. Guys, how about watching it just for fun?

-They’re the prettiest casts I’ve ever seen among the other recent entertainment TV showsㅋㅋㅋ They probably join the show to become celebrities…

-Let’s make a girl group with these four girls…

-Ah… There are so many beautiful women in this world

-I was really shocked when I saw them because they’re just as pretty as idols…

-I was going through the TV channels and stumbled upon this show. Maybe because it’s the first episode, they seem awkward with each other and the atmosphere feels suffocatingㅋㅋ They just introduce themselves, prepare food, and then the Treasure’s members cook while the female casts eat. I wonder if the members feel pressured by the female casts’ reactions? Anyway, it feels like everyone just doing their own thing.

-They’re goddesses…

-This show is blatantly just for promotion… I heard some of them even already have boyfriends…

-The fans might not like this show, but it might actually increase Treasure’s popularity, which would be really good. 

-What role did Sowon play in A Killer Paradox?

-Wow… They are all so charming and beautiful…

-Wow… They’re all so pretty. And there’s even someone who looks like Karina.