Female K-drama Lead Stars Who Were Criticized for Bad Acting: Hong Su Zu, Shin Se Kyung, More

Amid the trending K-dramas released this year, some female lead actresses were criticized for their poor acting skills.

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Despite having goddess-like visuals, these stars faced brutal reactions from viewers for their disappointing performances.

Hong Su Zu

The Impossible Heir
(Photo : Disney+) Hong Su Zu, “The Impossible Heir”

The 30-year-old beauty made her acting debut in 2020 after having a short cameo in “Lovestruck in the City,” followed by an appearance in “Sweet Home” Season 2.

She landed her first lead role in the ongoing K-drama “The Impossible Heir,” along with South Korean heartthrobs Lee Jae Wook and Lee Jun Young.

In the webtoon-based series, Hong Su Zu plays as Na Hye Won, who is Han Tae Oh (Lee Jae Wook) and Kang In Ha’s (Lee Jun Young) love interest.

“The Impossible Heir” also depicts Na Hye Won as the duo’s ally to take over one of South Korea’s top conglomerates, Kangoh Group.

With only a few weeks left before the finale episode, viewers expressed their disappointment at Hong Su Zu’s acting. Over SNS, she garnered attention after an online user called out her “stiff” performance.

Viewers also chimed in and mentioned Hong Su Zu’s “awkward” expression throughout the drama, while others even compared her to Shin Se Kyung, who was also criticized for her emotionless acting.

Shin Se Kyung

Shin Se Kyung
(Photo : Shin Se Kyung Instagram)

Speaking of the “Run On” star, Shin Se Kyung’s acting also sparked controversy after viewers noted her bad acting. With this, they gave her the moniker “Stiff Shin.”

Despite getting major lead roles, the actress received negative reactions from netizens who criticized her lack of variety of expression.

In a previous interview, Shin Se Kyung shared that she prefers not to choose characters and that all her previous roles, may it be big or small, are precious to her.

“It entails a big responsibility, and when I star in a piece, I am being part of it. I have to consider my responsibility and think twice about my ability.”

From her teen roles, Shin Se Kyung managed to land various lead roles, which include “Fashion King,” “Six Flying Dragons,” “The Bride of Habaek,” “Run On,” “Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun,” and the recently concluded series “Captivating the King” with Jo Jung Suk.

Park Shin Hye

Doctor Slump Still
Park Shin Hye
(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

Although she has cemented her name as one of the most sought-after K-drama queens, Park Shin Hye still gets unfavorable reactions when it comes to her acting.

In one post, netizens constantly mentioned her name as one of the female K-drama leads with the “worst” acting performances.

Among the things that they mentioned were “choosing horrible roles” and her “uncomfortable look” during romantic scenes.