FIFTY FIFTY Drops Unpromoted Compilation Album ‘The Beginning’ — What’s the Story?

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FIFTY FIFTY, the popular girl group, has created quite a stir in the music industry by releasing their surprise compilation album, titled ‘The Beginning.’

This unexpected musical treat was unveiled to eager fans on September 22 at 11 AM KST, and what sets it apart is the complete absence of any prior promotional campaigns.

The surprise element not only delighted fans but also caught the attention of the entire music industry, marking a unique approach in the fiercely competitive K-pop scene.

Warner Music Korea and ATTRAKT Join Forces for FIFTY FIFTY’s ‘The Beginning’ Album

The distribution of ‘The Beginning’ is credited to Warner Music Korea, and the album’s management is efficiently handled by ATTRAKT.


(Photo : Instagram|@we_fiftyfifty)

The driving creative force behind this compilation is Ahn Sung Gil, professionally known as SIAHN, adding a layer of intrigue to the album’s release.

‘The Beginning’ is a meticulously crafted compilation album that houses a total of 11 tracks, each offering a distinct and immersive listening experience.

These tracks range from the enchanting “Cupid (Twi Ver.)” to the captivating “Cupid (featuring Sabrina Carpenter),” not to forget the exhilarating “Cupid (Twin Ver.) (Live Studio Ver. OT4)” and the soulful “Lovin’ Me (Live Studio Ver. OT4).”

Moreover, the album boasts additional gems like “Tell Me (Live Studio Ver. OT4),” “Higher,” “Log,” and “Cupid (Twin Ver.) – Sped Up Version,” ensuring a diverse and engaging musical journey for fans.

FIFTY FIFTY 'The_Beginning' Ver. 2

(Photo : Spotify )
FIFTY FIFTY ‘The_Beginning’ Ver. 2

FIFTY FIFTY’s Surprise Album Sparks Speculation Amid Ongoing Legal Dispute

However, the release of this compilation album raises intriguing questions, primarily due to the ongoing legal contract dispute involving FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT.

This legal battle has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the group’s future activities, making the timing of the album’s release all the more enigmatic.

In an effort to shed light on the situation, CEO Jun Hong Joon of ATTRAKT has provided some clarity regarding the compilation album’s release.

He revealed that this version of the album was conceived as a repackaged edition specifically aimed at the U.S. market.

FIFTY FIFTY 'The_Beginning' Ver.2 Cover

(Photo : Instagram|@we_fiftyfifty)
FIFTY FIFTY ‘The_Beginning’ Ver.2 Cover

The planning for this version commenced as early as May, culminating in the formal signing of a contract with Warner Music Korea in July.

By the beginning of August, approximately 156,000 copies of the album were shipped to the U.S. for distribution. It is this U.S. release that has now surfaced on domestic music streaming platforms.

What’s Next for FIFTY FIFTY? Fans and Industry Watchers Await with Bated Breath

The unexpected and unorthodox release of ‘The Beginning’ has left fans thrilled, eager to delve into FIFTY FIFTY’s latest musical offerings.


(Photo : Instagram|@we_fiftyfifty)

At the same time, it has ignited curiosity about the group’s future undertakings, particularly in light of their ongoing legal challenges.

The K-pop world eagerly awaits the group’s next moves, wondering if more surprises are in store.