FIFTY FIFTY (Keena) is now FIFTY FIFTY for now, at least according to ATTRAKT

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In official terms, it seems that for now Keena is now FIFTY FIFTY, not unlike Youngji was KARA or Nana was After School. Not only was it recently announced by ATTRAKT that she would be attending the 2023 Billboard Music Awards to represent the group, but they also said they plan to reorganize the group with Keena. Thus, until that organizing is done, she is FIFTY FIFTY.

In its English press release regarding the Billboard Music Awards, ATTRAKT revealed, “Keena will be participating in the Billboard Awards.”
The agency also hinted at its future plans for FIFTY FIFTY by stating, “We plan to reorganize the group and present it to the public together with Keena.”

It’s unfortunate that the circumstances don’t quite allow for this to be as funny of a deal as the previous two iterations, but at least Keena gets to experience some of the plaudits for what the group accomplished. And most importantly, I hope at least she’s able to get her share of the royalties after she does all this.