FIFTY FIFTY Re-Organized As 5-Membered Group Including Keena + To Release Comeback On THIS Month

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FIFTY FIFTY is returning to the K-pop scene.

On June 14, agency ATTRAKT released an official statement declaring FIFTY FIFTY’s re-organization as a five-membered group. The agency elaborated that the group will include four new additional members to accompany Keena.

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According to the statement, ATTRAKT first thanked everyone who supported the group and followed up with a recollection of the past achievements of the FIFTY FIFTY. It then continued by recalling the conflict between the group and the agency.

ATTRAKT stated that in order to create a fresh start, auditions for new members were held, and the once four-membered group will now be restructured as a quintet.  

Furthermore, ATTRAKT revealed that FIFTY FIFTY will be releasing a comeback in September. The agency revealed that FIFTY FIFTY will continue to showcase their unique identity in the music scene, as well as engage in various promotions.

Read the full statement below:

“Hello. This is ATTRAKT.

First of all, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to everyone who loves and supports FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT.

Last year, 2023, FIFTY FIFTY’s ‘Cupid’ reached No. 17 and No. 8 on the U.S Billboard Hot 100 and UK’s Official Singles Top 100, respectively. Additionally, they also won the ‘Top 2023 TikTok Songs Globally’ and ‘K-pop Song of the Year’ at the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

However, before FIFTY FIFTY could accomplish more achievements, there was a painful time when we had to stop everything due to unfortunate news. ATTRAKT has since led private auditions to find new members for a new leap forward.

Consequently, we were able to confirm the four new members in April, and FIFTY FIFTY will start anew as a five-membered group, including existing member Keena.

We understand that there are many people who are waiting for FIFTY FIFTY’s news and comeback, but the time required to ensure the quality of the album production and global marketing are unavoidable.

To showcase a more complete appearance and promotion, we decided to prepare a comeback for September instead of June. We thank our precious fans who have been waiting patiently, and we know all too well that this is a miraculous time and opportunity.

To meet everyone’s expectations, we will also be dropping pre-release songs to show FIFTY FIFTY’s unique colors ahead of the official album release. Various other pre-promotions are also being prepared.

ATTRAKT employees will also do their best to make FIFTY FIFTY the best K-pop girl group by giving their hearts and passion every day.

Thank you.”

In June 2023, the four original members, Keena, Aran, Sio, and Saena filed a lawsuit against ATTRAKT to suspend their exclusive contracts. However, the injunction was denied by the court.

In October 2023, Keena dropped her lawsuit against ATTRAKT by submitting a withdrawal letter to the court. The exclusive contracts of the three former members Ara, Sio, and Saena, were eventually terminated by ATTRAKT.

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