FIFTY FIFTY Secretly Releases Compilation Album of Various “Cupid” Versions 

The girl group FIFTY FIFTY just released a new album without any promotion

According to Star News’s confirmation on September 22nd, FIFTY FIFTY released a Compilation EP album called “The Beginning” at around 11 a.m. earlier on the same day. Many people were surprised to find out that it was released secretly without promotional activities.

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fifty fifty

“The Beginning” album includes various versions of the hit song “Cupid”, including the original track that FIFTY FIFTY released in February.

In particular, there are a total of 11 tracks in this “The Beginning” album, such as “Cupid”, “Cupid (Twin Ver.), “Cupid (ft. Sabrina Carpenter)”, “Cupid (Twin Ver.) (Live Studio Ver. OT4)”, “Lovin’ Me (Live Studio Ver. OT4)”, “Tell Me (Live Studio Ver. OT4)”, “Cupid (Twin Ver.) – Sped Up Version”, as well as “Lovin’ Me”, “Tell Me”, “Higher”, and “Log in”, which are the b-side tracks of their first EP “FIFTY FIFTY”.

The fact that FIFTY FIFTY released a new album amid their dispute with their own agency Attrakt and the controversy over their request for an exclusive contract termination. 

fifty fifty

In the introduction of “The Beginning” album, it said, “Rookie girl group FIFTY FIFTY has gained recognition for their deep musicality and diverse images with their debut album. The group releases [FIFTY FIFTY – The Beginning] that includes a collaboration with Sabrina Carpenter. You can listen to another version of ‘Cupid’ completed with the voice of American actress and singer-songwriter Sabrina Carpenter. There are also re-recorded songs from Live In Studio to enhance the variety of the group’s first EP”, adding “The journey of girls, who long for freedom and eventually move toward their utopia beyond the chaos in reality, shown in FIFTY FIFTY’s debut album will be introduced to the world once again through [The Beginning]”.

In the credit of “The Beginning”, Warner Music appears as the publishing company, while Attrakt is also named as the management company. The lyricist and arranger of the songs in this album is SIAHN, which is the artist’s name of The Givers’s CEO Ahn Sung-il, who is accused of luring FIFTY FIFTY members into terminating contracts with Attrakt.

As such, the public is questioning the reason FIFTY FIFTY released this album.

Source: Daum