FIFTY FIFTY Tampering” CEO Ahn Sung-il Sued for Unauthorized Misappropriation of “Under the Full Moon

According to Dispatch on June 7th, Attrakt filed a complaint against Ahn Sung-il, five employees of The Givers and Son Seung-yeon. The charges include forgery and use of private documents, unauthorized use of seals, document forgery and use, copyright infringement and breach of trust.

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Ahn Sung-il is alleged to have submitted an unauthorized modified version of the copyright share confirmation for the remix version of “Under the Full Moon” to the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). In April 2021, a director named Baek and a finance officer allegedly forged the name and signature of the then-CEO of Attrakt, Kim Jong-eon, on a contract, which resulted in a change in the copyright shares.

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The six members of The Givers are also facing charges of breach of trust. Attrakt stated in the complaint, “The accused betrayed the trust of Attrakt and misappropriated the copyright shares of ‘Under the Full Moon’, thereby gaining financial benefits.”

Previously, in June last year, when FIFTY FIFTY members filed for a preliminary injunction to suspend the validity of their exclusive contracts, Attrakt accused Ahn Sung-il of orchestrating the members’ departure. The police found evidence supporting charges of business obstruction, destruction of electronic records and embezzlement, and forwarded Ahn Sung-il to the prosecution without detention.