Fifty Fifty teases a glimpse of their new members

Article: Fifty Fifty gives a sneak peek at their new members… anticipation up for comeback as five

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Source: Herald Pop via Nate

[+114, -0] Are the first generation members crying right about now?

– [+20] Probably, especially because their parents were the ones who got greedy

– [+19] I could pass them on the street and have no idea who they are, I still don’t know what made them think they could pull off something like this.. maybe they were gaslit by someone.. but how could even their own parents not see through it?

– [+15] I truly hope the best for the new group

[+84, -0] With how low the chance of success is with an idol group, it’s crazy that someone was immoral enough to snatch it from right out under him. I hope they gather up their members, practice hard, and come back out with a great song.

[+56, -0] Wow, I’ve seen a lot of fools in my 40 years of life but never any as big as the first generation members. What they did is equivalent to ripping up the ticket to a lottery that’s won 10 different jackpots. Greed must really know no end.

[+45, -0] I support them. I hope they succeed to really show them all.

[+25, -0] I wish them the best!

[+0, -0] I never buy idol albums usually but I plan to just to show my support, maybe even gift some too if it’s really good