FIFTY FIFTY Unveils New Members During Keena’s Birthday — Here’s How Fans Reacted

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On July 8, netizens established a community post discussing FIFTY FIFTY’s newest Story on Instagram. According to the forum, the author uploaded a screenshot showing Keena celebrating her 22nd birthday.

A post shared by instagram

However, the “Cupid” singer was accompanied by four individuals in the photo, who are presumably the new members of FIFTY FIFTY. The author added a caption saying, “They will be a five-membered group including Keena and their comeback is in September.

FIFTY FIFTY Unveils New Members During Keena's Birthday + Hunnies React To Lineup
(Photo : TheQoo)

K-Netz in the comments section were stunned by Keena’s visuals, while some hoped that the current lineup record “Cupid” again with the new members.  

  • “Keena’s hair and makeup are pretty.”
  • “Keena needs to stick to black hair, seriously.”
  • “I’m looking forward to them.”
  • “I support you!”
  • “Are they going to record Cupid again?”
  • “Keena’s stylist is doing a good job. She looks way better than her previous promotions
  • “Fighting, please record Cupid again.”
  • “So, they will have five members. I hope they get a good song.”
  • “No, but Keena is freaking pretty with black hair.”
  • “Keena is pretty.”

Meanwhile, international netizens discussed the future of FIFTY FIFTY and mentioned the unique vibe they gave when Aran, Sio, and Saena were part of the group. Others simply wished FIFTY FIFTY the best of luck in their endeavors.

  • “I expect at least one of the members to have a similar timbre to Aran, someone with a dreamy quality.”
  • “Her voice was super pretty and fairly distinct, but the style isn’t impossible to emulate.”
  • “Re-recording Cupid is just not it, like Aran’s voice was one of a kind, it will never be the same again.”
  • “Keena might not contribute much vocally in cupid but I’m glad she’s getting the fruit of her patience.”
  • “Hope they find success.”
  • “Wish them luck.”

Earlier on June 14, ATTRAKT officially announced that FIFTY FIFTY will be reorganized as a group with five members. The agency recalled the conflict between FIFTY FIFTY members and ATTRAKT.

Before FIFTY FIFTY could achieve more feats, there was a painful time when we had to stop everything due to unfortunate news,” ATTRAKT stated.

It also shared that the company has held auditions for the new lineup.

We were able to confirm the four new members in April,” ATTRAKT shared. “FIFTY FIFTY will start anew as a five-membered group, including existing member Keena.

It added, “To showcase a more complete appearance and promotion, we decided to plan a comeback in September instead of June.

In order to meet your expectations, pre-release songs will also be dropped to show the unique colors of FIFTY FIFTY ahead of the official album release,” ATTRAKT commented.

What are your thoughts on the members? Are you looking forward to their activities? Let us know in the comments below!