FIFTY FIFTY’s CEO reveals plans for new girl group project, “More than 800 songs were sent to us”

CEO Jeon Hong Joon of FIFTY FIFTY’s agency Attrakt delivered good news

On September 15th, the Youtube channel “All That Star” uploaded an exclusive interview video with CEO Jeon Hong Joon.

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Jeon Hongjoon

Earlier, CEO Jeon announced that he will launch a project to debut a new girl group next year. He said, “All the members of this new girl group will be selected through an audition program and the entire process will be shown to the public”.

The CEO continued, “Singer-songwriter Kim Se Hwang is working as our bridgehead to get and choose songs from US composers. There are many Swedish composers. We received 800 songs and have just listened to 200”.

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CEO Jeon explained, “Composers from all over the world sent us more than 800 songs within two weeks. There are many kinds of songs, from girl crush concept to easy-listening ones”, adding “Two months ago, I was still thinking, ‘Am I doomed already? This is so unfair’, but these days, I’m feeling so thankful because I’ve received huge support from so many people.”

According to CEO Jeon, he will work with broadcasters to carry out the new girl group project. He is discussing with various broadcasting stations to plan a program with 12 episodes.

Jeon Hongjoon

Content such as documentaries and behind-the-scenes stories with different concepts are also under discussion with OTT platforms, such as Netflix, TVing, and Coupang Play.

CEO Jeon shared, “The current situation is like a miracle to me. I will do my best to produce a talented and cool girl group”.

Source: Insight