Fifty Fifty’s ex-trio being sued for 13 billion won for damages

Article: Former Fifty Fifty members Sena, Aran, and Shioh sued for 13 billion won for damages

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Source: Insight via Instagram

[+360] What I don’t get about their parents is that it’s not like they haven’t worked in the real world before. They should know better than anyone how companies are run. If a company hasn’t made back their investment in the group yet, then there isn’t an income for them to be paid out of, so what were they expecting?

– [+42] I think they were blinded by the fact that their daughters made it on to the Billboard and weren’t seeing logic

– [+9] They failed to realize that their American fame was pure luck and was blinded by their greed

– [+1] There’s no helping someone once they’ve become blinded by greed

– [+4] I did read that Ahn Sung Il was gaslighting the crap out of their parents

[+379] I don’t understand how they still haven’t woken up to the reality of their situation yet…

[+195] I hope they are punished financially so that we don’t have to hear about another case like this again!

[+136] And now it’s time to pay the price financially 

[+26] I bet their next plan is to start claiming that Ahn Sung Il scammed them. That’s why it’s so important to do right in life because it only takes a second for it to all crumble like this.

[+22] All that rush to get paid just to spend the rest of their life as slaves paying back all this money…

[+12] If only they had gone back with Keena 😢 They had opportunities to get out…

[+95] Even if they wanted to go back now, they can’t

[+7] They had three chances to get out of this mess… ah, fickle pride