Finally, the highly anticipated Korean Netflix series premieres today


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The 8 Show

A picaresque, black comedy that tells the story of eight individuals trapped in a secretive space divided into eight floors. They participate in a sweet but dangerous show where “time is money.”

– 3rd Floor: Ryu Junyeol, burdened with massive debt, joins the show.

– 8th Floor: Cheon Woohee, with an unpredictable and bubbly personality.

– 7th Floor: Park Jungmin, the brain who offers solutions.

– 4th Floor: Lee Yeoreum, a keen and opportunistic individual.

– 6th Floor: Park Haejoon, who tries to solve everything with his fists and strength.

– 2nd Floor: Lee Jooyoung, very athletic and righteous.

– 5th Floor: Moon Junghee, a peace-loving, angelic personality.

– 1st Floor: Bae Sungwoo, who has a disability in one leg.

Based on the webtoons “Money Game” and “Pie Game,” the series is directed and written by Han Jaerim, known for films like “The Show Must Go On,” “The Face Reader,” “The King,” and “Emergency Declaration.”

The entire 8-episode series will be released today at 4 PM (Restricted to viewers 18 and older).

-Oh, I’m curious about this series!

-This isn’t a reality show, but a drama, right?

-There are two unlikeable actors starring in this series.

-I heard the reviews are good.

-The reviews are good, looking forward to it.

-I watched it in advance at the preview and it was so fun!!!

-I’m looking forward to Cheon Woohee, she’s so wittyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-After watching the trailers, it looks interesting, Ryu Junyeol’s acting is on point.

-Oh, it looks like it’ll be fun.

-Will it be cruel? ㅠㅠ Curious.

-I’m not going to watch.

-I’m looking forward to it because of the good reviews.

-Is it a drama or a variety show? What genre is it?

-Oh… It looks interesting for now.

-I love the picaresque and black comedy genre.

-Wow, looks fun. I liked the original work.

-Looking forward to it because of the good reviews.

-Is it a drama?

-The male leads are so unlikeable.