FIRST SCRIPT READING: “Night Photo Studio”

Night Photo Studio boasts the perfect synergy of Joo Won, Kwon Nara, Yoo In Soo, and Eum Moon Suk at recent table read.

Night Photo Studio is about a prickly photographer and a hot-blooded lawyer at a photo studio specializing in ghost photography that exists only for the dead. It deals with life and death featuring a clientele served at night time.

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At the script reading event for Genie TV’s original Night Photo Studio, director Song Hyun-wook and writer Kim Yi-rang joined the lead cast including Lee Bom-sori, Kim Young-ok, Park Jeong-ah, Han Groo, and Ahn Chang-hwan. Even if it was their first time working together, the actors were completely immersed in their characters. Laughter and tears brim continuously at the event.

Joo Won transforms into Seo Ki-ju, the 7th generation photographer at a photo studio specializing in customer service for over 100 years. Ki-ju is a bit of an abrasive photographer who dreams of a ‘work-life balance’, but he is serious about taking the last pictures of guests. Joo Won dynamically expresses Ki Ju, who is at the crossroads of life and death due to the family’s curse of being short-lived and only able to live for 35 years.

Armed with extraordinary passion, Kwon Nara gave a passionate performance in the role of Han Bom, a lawyer who was once a successful prosecutor but has become a hard-working lawyer with no commission.

Her emotional performance shows how much she was immersed in her character. Bom accidentally ends up in a photo studio where only the dead can enter. As she becomes involved with Seo Ki-ju, she ends up living a day that is different from her usual life. This is because Ki-ju’s ghost’s safe zone is the only place where she can breathe.

Yoo In Soo brings life to the character Go Dae-ri, a ghost in his third year of being a ghost and an employee of a photo studio that is only open at night.

Eum Moon Suk is the oldest among the photo studio crew in human years, but he takes on the role of Baek Nam-gu, a rookie ghost who is only 31 days old in ghost age. He is a strong guard protecting the photo studio.

The cast completely blended into their respective roles, perfectly demonstrating not only diverse characters but also great chemistry.

Night Photo Studio can be seen on the ENA and ENA DRAMA channels on March 11th at 10 PM. Replays are available on Genie TV and Genie TV Mobile.

Source: joynews24