‘Flex X Cop’ Cast Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Ji Hyun Keep Their Promise to Viewers After Surpassing 10% Rating

“Flex X Cop” stars Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun are fulfilling their promise to viewers. 

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The duo headlined the action comedy K-drama based on the 2015 Russian series “Silver Spoon.”

As the K-drama reached its second half, Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun promised something to fans if they surpassed the double-digit rating. 

Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Ji Hyun’s Promise to Fans After Hitting Double Digit Viewership

In an exclusive report, an industry representative confirmed that the “Flex X Cop” stars will return as guests on SBS Radio Power FM’s “2 o’clock Escape Cultwo Show.”

Flex X Cop
(Photo : SBS)

Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun’s guesting will be on March 20, which will also be the final week of the show. 

To recall, the lead stars previously appeared on the radio show on January 25, where they promised to return as guests on the same program of “Flex X Cop.” Their viewership exceeded 10%.

Interestingly, the SBS K-drama bounced back for its 12 episodes with an average nationwide rating of 10.1%. 

Is ‘Flex X Cop’ Worth Watching?

As mentioned, “Flex X Cop” is a Korean adaptation of the Russian series that depicts the journey of a chaebol’s son, Jin Yi Soo, played by Ahn Bo Hyun. 

He is deemed by his family to be someone who has no dreams or ffuture,but his obsession with solving crimes and mysteries led him to enter the police force after witnessing an incident. 

'Flex X Cop' Stills
Ahn Bo Hyun
(Photo : SBS Drama Official)
'Flex X Cop' Stills
Park Ji Hyun
(Photo : SBS Drama Official)

In the action comedy series, Ahn Bo Hyun is reunited with Park Ji Hyun, who takes on the character of lead detective Lee Kang Hyun. 

“Flex X Cop” is their second project together after joining the rom-com K-drama “Yumi’s Cells” with Kim Go Eun. 

At the show’s press conference, Park Ji Hyun dishes on her thoughts about her reunion with Ahn Bo Hyun. 

“I haven’t had the opportunity to meet most of the ‘Flex X Cop’ cast before. So, it felt good to see Park Ji Hyun’s friendly face on the set. I didn’t get to know her better during the filming of ‘Yumi’s Cells’ because the series only had a few episodes,” she said, as obtained by SBS News. 

Meanwhile, Ahn Bo Hyun talked about his working relationship not only with Park Ji Hyun but with the whole team of “Flex X Cop.”

“This time, we had plenty of opportunities to spend time together as we got to eat together, have team gatherings, and go on a short trip with the ‘Flex X Cop’ team.”

“Flex X Cop” airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. KST via SBS. 

International viewers could watch the latest episode through Disney+, Hulu, and Wavve.