Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap and Review: I-soo and Kang-hyun Endanger Themselves to Find a Cult’s Secret

Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap and Review: The new series directed by Kim Jae-hong, known for his hits Revenant and written by Kim Ba-da, who is well known for her successful series My Name, is highly welcomed in the Kdrama world. The exceptional collab between the famous director and the writer stars famous actors, Ahn Bo-hyun, Park Ji-hyun, Kang Sang-jun and Kim Shin-bi, in the lead roles. It’s a mix of action, romance, comedy and thriller genres, making the whole watch worthwhile.

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Ahn Bo-hyun’s last venture was See You In My 19th Life (2023), Park Ji-hyun was last seen in Reborn Rich (2022), Kang Sang-jun’s ongoing series is Marry My Husband (2024) and Kim Shin-bi’s last work was Revenant (2023).

Flex X Cop Plot

Jin I-soo, born into a third-generation conglomerate, enjoys a life of abundance, devoid of the need for assistance from others. His world takes an unexpected turn when he becomes embroiled in a complex case. Driven by the desire for a new challenge, Jin I-soo makes a surprising decision.

Opting to immerse himself in the gritty world of crime-solving, Jin I-soo joins the Kangha Police Station’s violent investigative team, specialists in apprehending robbers. His motivation is to leverage his wealth and personal connections to make a difference in the field. In this venture, he partners with Detective Lee Gang-hyun, a dedicated and adept investigator known for his smooth-talking skills.

Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap Still 1
A still from the series “Flex X Cop”

Despite I-soo’s affluent background, Gang-hyun remains indifferent to his presence, setting the stage for a compelling partnership rooted in the pursuit of solving crimes and bringing perpetrators to justice. As they delve into the intricacies of their work, the narrative promises a blend of wealth, intrigue, and the challenges inherent in the world of criminal investigation.

– Flex X Cop Episode 11 Review Contains No Spoilers –

Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap

Kang-hyun gets a call about a dead person by the river and finds a lifeless young man named Dongsu with the Oryun community’s logo carved into his skin. In a flashback, we learn about Kang-hyun’s father Hyung-jun working on a mass suicide case connected with a meditation center that he thinks is actually a religious cult. When he tries to expose it, he gets arrested for accepting bribes which he clearly didn’t. Since then Kang-hyun’s priority has been to find the truth and prove her father’s innocence.

Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap Still 2Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap Still 2
A still from the series “Flex X Cop”

At present, she informs Joon-young about Dongsu and his link with the GY meditation cult. Simultaneously, the Team 2 leader finds the corpse of Seong-wook, the man who decided to tell the truth to Kang-hyun before getting murdered by the GY members. Team 2 captain finds that Seong-wook’s last two calls were to Kang-hyun and they ask her to come to the station. Over there when she hears about his death, she gets shocked. The chief gets in and mentions Seong-wook’s name before anyone even tells him. This raises her suspicion and she questions him, only to be put in probation for violation of authority.

Kang-hyun decides to take a break and leaves for a temple stay. Meanwhile, I-soo digs up everything and learns about the Oryun community and the connection it has with Kang-hyun’s father. With the help of Dongsu’s autopsy, they understand that he was drowned to death but he didn’t drown in the river but his already dead body was thrown into it. With his influence, I-soo learns about the Oryun community and its founder who is called as Bori. Bori is treated like God there and so I-soo gets to meet him.

Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap Still 5Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap Still 5
A still from the series “Flex X Cop”

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To his surprise, Bori is a very young handsome man. At the same time, we learn that Kang-hyun has joined the GY meditation center with a pseudonym and by disguising herself with a long hair wig and glasses. She tries to learn what’s the deal at the place. I-soo gets to speak to Woo-hyuk, the Bori himself. Woo-hyuk explains how when he struggled in life and decided to die, death did come to him only to lead him to a vision of all of his past lives.

I-soo teases him for his made-up story. Woo-hyuk says that he wants people to have a better next life and that’s why many are dying by suicide as they misunderstand him. I-soo doesn’t buy his story and that’s when Woo-hyuk pulls in about I-soo’s late mother to confuse him. That night after a tiny ceremony, the participants are asked to drink something. While everyone drinks, Kang-hyun pretends and collect some of the essence in her kerchief.

Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap Still 4Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap Still 4
A still from the series “Flex X Cop”

Back in the room, she tests the essence and finds that it is a sleeping pill. When she speaks with her roommate, she learns about her tough life and her wish to be born into a rich family in her next life. After everyone sleeps, Kang-hyun escapes and goes inside Woo-hyuk’s place to check for details. The woman who takes care of the participants finds Kang-hyun missing in her bed. At Woo-hyuk’s private cabin, Kang-hyun hears some noise and prepares for the worst.

However, she manhandles I-soo and the two then calm down. They discuss the deal and I-soo demands he stay to help her out. Kang-hyun wants I-soo to be safe and tries to send him away. They both then hear footsteps approaching and the episode ends.

Flex X Cop Episode 11 Review

Something about cults makes me interested as well as afraid. Why do people want their fellow people to believe in a religious structure for literally nothing? Why do people actually believe in such a cult and risk their lives? How come some blindly trust certain people and decide to worship them? It’s so sad that this isn’t just happening in the movies/series but in real life as well.

Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap Still 3Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap Still 3
A still from the series “Flex X Cop”

Whatever I-soo and Kang-hyun are about to find, we surely know that it’s not just going to help save Kang-hyun’s father but also share some light about the dark side of humanity. A take-home message definitely awaits us in the next episode.

Flex X Cop is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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