Flex X Cop Episode 3 Recap and Review: I-soo Wins the Bet and Gets Another Terrific Case

Flex X Cop Episode 3 Recap and Review: The new series directed by Kim Jae-hong, known for his hits Revenant and written by Kim Ba-da, who is well known for her successful series My Name, is highly welcomed in the Kdrama world. The exceptional collab between the famous director and the writer stars famous actors, Ahn Bo-hyun, Park Ji-hyun, Kang Sang-jun and Kim Shin-bi, in the lead roles. It’s a mix of action, romance, comedy and thriller genres, making the whole watch worthwhile.

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Ahn Bo-hyun’s last venture was See You In My 19th Life (2023), Park Ji-hyun was last seen in Reborn Rich (2022), Kang Sang-jun’s ongoing series is Marry My Husband (2024) and Kim Shin-bi’s last work was Revenant (2023).

Flex X Cop Plot

Jin I-soo, born into a third-generation conglomerate, enjoys a life of abundance, devoid of the need for assistance from others. His world takes an unexpected turn when he becomes embroiled in a complex case. Driven by the desire for a new challenge, Jin I-soo makes a surprising decision.

Opting to immerse himself in the gritty world of crime-solving, Jin I-soo joins the Kangha Police Station’s violent investigative team, specialists in apprehending robbers. His motivation is to leverage his wealth and personal connections to make a difference in the field. In this venture, he partners with Detective Lee Kang-hyun, a dedicated and adept investigator known for his smooth-talking skills.

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their roles as partners in the pursuit of justice. Despite I-soo’s affluent background, Kang Hyun remains indifferent to his presence, setting the stage for a compelling partnership rooted in the pursuit of solving crimes and bringing perpetrators to justice. As they delve into the intricacies of their work, the narrative promises a blend of wealth, intrigue, and the challenges inherent in the world of criminal investigation.

– Flex X Cop Episode 3 Review Contains No Spoilers –

Flex X Cop Episode 3 Recap

The episode starts with a fight scene of I-soo and Gang-hyun where they wipe off Taesung’s men. After that, they arrest him and start the interrogation. During that, they discover he indeed met Ina but left as soon as she started to act violently. Taesung says that his elder brother Taeyong came afterwards and he could have murdered Ina. Right then Taeyong enters the police station and Taesung betrays him by showing the drugs of Taeyong.

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A still from the series “Flex X Cop”

Shortly, their mother arrives and I-soo explains to his colleagues that she is the second wife of the DN Media’s CEO Mr. Cheon. During the argument, the first wife of the CEO and her son Taejun, the eldest, arrives. After the chaos, they all leave while the cops arrest Taeyong. They question him and learn that he indeed pushed Ina into the river after being drugged but didn’t kill her. Initially, Gang-hyun believes it is him who murdered her but later with the help of I-soo’s explanation, they all understand that someone else was present.

I-soo says that on the day of investigating Ina’s corpse, he saw another yacht with a recent scratch on it. They learn that the yacht belongs to Taejun. Soon they gather evidence to show that Ina has met all three brothers recently and wonder why. When Gang-hyun tries to garner information, she realises that there is something much darker present.

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A still from the series “Flex X Cop”

I-soo uses all his influence and finds that Ina is indeed the daughter of Mr. Cheon who was born illegitimately. Ina has tried to speak with her father but the first wife has declined it. The more and more the team dig, they find solid evidence showing that the first wife and her secretary have carried out the murder. I-soo uses his helicopter and Gang-hyun catches the escaping secretary and the first wife of the CEO.

During the interrogation, I-soo finds it odd seeing how quickly the woman agreed to have murdered without any remorse or even asking for a lawyer. When Taejun arrives, he acts like he’s worried about his mother but I-soo spots a smirk on his face. He leaves the station and meets the second wife and manipulates her. He figures out that she has tapped something on Taejun and promises her that she’ll be able to take over DN media if she helps him out.

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A still from the series “Flex X Cop”

Gang-hyun almost closes the case but then receives a text from I-soo stating that Taejun is the murderer. Right on time I-soo arrives and plays the audio recording of Taejun ordering the secretary to kill Ina and the cops arrest him. Gang-hyun agrees that I-soo won the bet but acts pissed. When I-soo arranges a beef party for them all, they don’t turn up. He doesn’t feel too bad about it and brushes it off. He then calls his manager and says that he is moving out of the house to his home.

He then meets up with his stepbrother Seung-ju and asks him why he is kind to him despite his stepmother hating him. Seung-ju says that initially when they were kids he did hate him however after seeing the way his mother was treating I-soo, Seung-ju realised that the child didn’t do anything to deserve it. The viewers see how Seung-ju cared for I-soo when they were younger.

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A still from the series “Flex X Cop”

News spreads around the town saying that I-soo has successfully covered another case. When the news reaches his father, he doesn’t bother about it. Later, I-soo gets an invitation to an art gallery of a famous professor Mr. Noh. When he reaches there, he hears the audience screaming only to find Mr. Noh lying on the ground covered in blood and stabbed to death. He then announces that he is a cop and asks Mr. Noh’s assistant to close the gate as he believes the killer is inside. Thus, the locked room crime case begins.

Flex X Cop Episode 3 Review

The episode is super fun to watch and highly intriguing. Apart from the interesting crime cases and the way they’re solved, I-soo character makes the investigation cool. He uses his influence to find hints quickly and how his mind works in jotting the pieces is extraordinary. Moreover, the other three cops especially Gang-hyun’s skills are also top-notch as she also quickly realises the true scenario and finds the killer.

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A still from the series “Flex X Cop”

It’s nice to see Ahn Bo-hyun in such a bratty spoiled rich guy character however he is kind and is internally sad. The scene where he arranges a funeral for Ina shows that he understands how hard it is to live a lonely life. He yearns for true people but he hardly has them around. Hopefully, this cop team will show him that he is no longer alone and his love life will spark with the best woman, Gang-hyun.

Flex X Cop is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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