Flex X Cop Episode 4 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch!

Flex X Cop Episode 4 Preview: The new series directed by Kim Jae-hong, known for his hits Revenant and written by Kim Ba-da, who is well known for her successful series My Name, is highly welcomed in the Kdrama world. The exceptional collab between the famous director and the writer stars famous actors, Ahn Bo-hyun, Park Ji-hyun, Kang Sang-jun and Kim Shin-bi, in the lead roles. It’s a mix of action, romance, comedy and thriller genres, making the whole watch worthwhile.

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Ahn Bo-hyun’s last venture was See You In My 19th Life (2023), Park Ji-hyun was last seen in Reborn Rich (2022), Kang Sang-jun’s ongoing series is Marry My Husband (2024) and Kim Shin-bi’s last work was Revenant (2023).

Flex X Cop Episode 4 Preview

Flex X Cop Plot

Jin Yi-soo, born into a third-generation conglomerate, enjoys a life of abundance, devoid of the need for assistance from others. His world takes an unexpected turn when he becomes embroiled in a complex case. Driven by the desire for a new challenge, Jin Yi-soo makes a surprising decision.

Opting to immerse himself in the gritty world of crime-solving, Jin Yi-soo joins the Kangha Police Station’s violent investigative team, specialists in apprehending robbers. His motivation is to leverage his wealth and personal connections to make a difference in the field. In this venture, he partners with Detective Lee Kang-hyun, a dedicated and adept investigator known for his smooth-talking skills.

The dynamics between Jin Yi-soo and Detective Lee Kang-hyun unfold as they navigate their roles as partners in the pursuit of justice. Despite Yi-soo’s affluent background, Kang Hyun remains indifferent to his presence, setting the stage for a compelling partnership rooted in the pursuit of solving crimes and bringing perpetrators to justice. As they delve into the intricacies of their work, the narrative promises a blend of wealth, intrigue, and the challenges inherent in the world of criminal investigation.

Flex X Cop Cast

The four main roles are performed by Ahn Bo-hyun, Park Ji-hyun, Kang Sang-jun and Kim Shin-bi. The other supporting actors are, Jang Hyun-sung, Kwak Shi-yang, Kim Myung-soo, Jeon Hye-jin, Kwon Hae-hyo, Yoon Yoo-sun, Kim Byung-chun, Lee Do-yup, Ahn Byung-sik, Jung Ga-hee, Choi Dong-goo, Seo Dong-won, Jang Hyuk-jin and others.

Flex X Cop Episode List

The Action Romance has 16 episodes in total.

Where to Watch Flex X Cop

The series will stream on Disney+ Hotstar, every Friday and Saturday.

Flex X Cop Episode 4 Preview Still 2
A still from the series “Flex X Cop”

Flex X Cop Episode 4 Indian Release Date and Time

The South Korean TV series episodes will air from January 26, 2024, each with a runtime of 70 minutes. Episode 4 of the series will air on February 3 on Disney+ Hotstar at 8:30 pm.

Flex X Cop Episode 4 Prediction

I-soo will call up Gang-hyun and inform about the murder. Immediately the team will arrive and look at Mr. Noh’s dead corpse only to find out that he is dead but the blood around him is paint. They will have certain suspects such as Noh’s assistant, his wife, his partner and another woman who claims that Noh ruined her daughter’s life. With all the prime suspects on the list, the cops will run in and out gathering evidence and they’ll find the true killer.

Flex X Cop Episode 3 Recap

The episode commences with a dynamic fight scene as I-soo and Gang-hyun collaborate to subdue Taesung’s henchmen. Following their success, they arrest Taesung and commence the interrogation. Taesung points fingers at his elder brother Taeyong, suggesting he might be Ina’s murderer. Taeyong arrives at the police station, leading to a betrayal by Taesung as he reveals Taeyong’s involvement with drugs.

Tensions escalate when the brothers’ mother, the second wife of DN Media’s CEO, makes an entrance. Amidst the chaos involving the first wife and her son Taejun, they depart, leaving Taeyong in police custody. During questioning, Taeyong admits to pushing Ina into the river but denies killing her. I-soo, with his helicopter and influence, aids in capturing the first wife and her secretary, suspecting their involvement in the crime.

As the investigation progresses, I-soo unveils a shocking revelation that Ina is the illegitimate daughter of Mr. Cheon, born out of wedlock. The team uncovers evidence pointing to the first wife and her secretary as the perpetrators. I-soo’s manipulative tactics lead to the capture of the criminals, but suspicions linger. In a surprising turn, Taejun emerges as the true mastermind.

Gang-hyun, nearly closing the case, receives a text from I-soo revealing Taejun as the murderer. I-soo arrives with an audio recording of Taejun ordering the hit on Ina, leading to Taejun’s arrest. Although Gang-hyun acts upset, I-soo remains nonchalant when his beef party invitation is ignored by the team. He informs his manager of his decision to move out of the house and later learns about Seung-ju’s kindness towards him during their childhood.

News of I-soo’s success in solving the case spreads through town, but his father remains indifferent. Subsequently, I-soo attends an art gallery event hosted by Professor Mr. Noh. The episode takes a thrilling turn as the audience discovers Mr. Noh brutally stabbed to death. I-soo, revealing himself as a cop, instructs Mr. Noh’s assistant to lock the gate, initiating a locked-room crime investigation.

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