‘Flex X Cop’ Season 2: Will Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Ji Hyun, More Reprise Their Roles?

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“Flex X Cop” is in its final week, but SBS dropped some exciting news for viewers.

The action comedy K-drama, which stars Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ki Hyun, is in preparation for season 2.

‘Flex X Cop’ Season 2 Details

In a report, a drama official confirmed that “Flex X Cop” season 2 is happening and is currently under preparation.

With this, the script and cast members appearing in the sequel are in the works.

“Screenwriter Kim Ba Da has already started working on the script for Season 2, and we are positively discussing Season 2 with the main and supporting cast members, including Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun, while sorting out schedules.”

Flex X Cop
(Photo : SBS)
Flex X Cop
(Photo : SBS)

Based on the 2015 Russian series “Silver Spoon,” the 16-episode K-drama depicts the story of a third-generation chaebol named Jin Yi Soo, played by Ahn Bo Hyun, who accidentally becomes a detective.

He worked under the fierce and uptight team leader, Lee Kang Hyun, played by Park Ji Hyun.

Fans Predict the Premise of ‘Flex X Cop’ Season 2

Ahead of the finale, viewers speculate what will be the focus of “Flex X Cop” season 2.

Some even wanted to retain the cast, especially Lee Kang Hyun’s team.

 Others seek answers regarding the death of Jin Yi Soo’s mother, so there will be no more depressed Yi Soo in season 2.

Where to Watch ‘Flex X Cop’?

Flex X Cop
(Photo : SBS)

After 14 episodes, “Flex x Cop” season 1 is scheduled to air its last episode on March 23.

Viewers will get to see the last two episodes via SBS, while international fans can stream them through Hulu, Disney+, and Wavve.

Meanwhile, the action comedy series is Park Ji Hyun and Ahn Bo Hyun’s second time working together.

They first joined the cast of “Yumi’s Cells” with Kim Go-Eun until the show’s second season.

During the press conference for “Flex X Cop,” Park Ji Hyun expressed how comfortable she is working with her co-star again for the second time.

Describing it as a “blessing,” the actress continues to praise Ahn Bo Hyun for their “really nice” on-set chemistry.

“He’s also very caring about people’s feelings and genuinely cares about them. I was thrilled when I heard that I would be working with him again in Flex X Cop,” she said, as obtained by SBS Star.

As of this writing, drama officials are yet to announce the cast lineup and the target release date of “Flex X Cop” season 2.