Flex X Cop Shares Preparations of Park Ji Hyun In Her Role

Park Ji Hyun pairs up with Ahn Bo Hyun In Flex X Cop!

Flex X Cop follows the story of a chaebol detective who catches criminals.

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Joining the lineage of SBS Friday-Saturday heroes, Ahn Bo Hyun portrays Jin Yi-soo a parachute detective and a third-generation childish chaebol who loves having fun.

SBS has built a trustworthy reputation in its dramas with humorous character plays and exciting narratives of good and punishment such as The Fiery Priest, One Dollar Lawyer, Taxi Driver, and One The Woman.

This is a new work from writer Kim Bada, who penned My Name, and director Kim Jae-hong, who co-directed Through The Darkness and Revenant, will join forces to create a comical action investigation full of wit and tension.

Park Ji Hyun plays the role of Lee Kang-hyun, an ‘investigation geek’ who loves crime probing and the leader of Gangha Police Station’s powerful team 1. She explodes with girl-crush charm.

The actress admits she decided to appear in Flex and Cop because it opens the SBS Friday-Saturday drama slot this year. Amusingly, when she was offered the role, she thought that she would be portraying a chaebol since she gained popularity in Reborn Rich.

When I heard that I was doing a drama called ‘Chaebol x Police’ I naturally thought I was playing the role of a chaebol because of my appearance. I was very excited to show off a new character, but it was also not easy because it was my first time acting as a detective.”

She further relays working hard for the character of Kang-hyun.

The director and writer wanted Kang-Hyun, a police officer, to look stronger on the outside, so I gained about 7 kg. However, I am disappointed that it is not as obvious as I thought. Also, Kang-hyun’s speech style is different from the characters I have drawn before. The accent was quite different, so I practiced various breathing and vocalizations to express a detective with charisma and skill. It was almost my first time doing action scenes, so I practiced at action school until I got used to it. Although there were many difficult points, I did my best.”

Park Ji-hyun and Ahn Bo-hyun’s previous work, Yumi’s Cells, portrayed a camouflaged male-female relationship, drawing a positive response from viewers. Regarding acting chemistry with Ahn Bo Hyun, she feels relieved to reunite with the actor.

When I saw Ahn Bo Hyun performing action scenes on set, I was amazed at his combat stage demeanor, and at the same time, I felt envious. I also thought that I should practice action scenes while exercising from time to time. I was lucky that the role of Jin Yi-soo in the play was played by Ahn Bo Hyun. He is the type of person who always carries other people’s burdens on set, so thanks to that, I was able to film comfortably and happily. So I feel sorry and grateful. If we meet in another project in the future, I want to become an actor who has grown up a bit and can ease the burden on him.”

Stream Flex X Cop starting January 26 on Disney+.

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