Flirting and going to parties are not something you owe someone an apology for, many idols should be like Jennie

Many idols have been apologizing to their fans for their actions like normal human things. However, going to parties and dating is something that everyone does or may do in the future, and no one can owe an apology to everyone else. Attending parties and socializing with others is a part of human nature. It allows individuals to build relationships, create connections, and enjoy themselves. In the context of K-Pop idols, it is essential for them to maintain a balance between their personal lives and public image. The rise of social media has made the lives of celebrities more transparent than ever before. Fans now have constant access to their favorite idols’ activities, making it easier to criticize and scrutinize their actions. This increased scrutiny can lead to a heightened sense of responsibility for idols, who may feel the need to apologize for their actions, even if they are considered normal by societal standards.

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Jennie has been in the limelight for attending parties and socializing with others including some dating news. However, she has not once apologized for her actions. Jennie has proven that she is not afraid to live her life as a normal person and enjoy it on her own terms. Despite the constant scrutiny and public eye that comes with being a celebrity, Jennie has chosen to embrace her right to socialize and engage in activities that many people her age would also partake in. In a world where K-Pop idols are often expected to adhere to strict standards of behavior and appearance, Jennie’s decision to live life on her own terms serves as a reminder that they, too, are human beings with the same desires and needs as everyone else. Her actions encourage others in the industry to embrace their individuality and not let the pressures of fame overshadow their personal lives.

Blackpink’s versatile main rapper, Jennie, has been making waves in the entertainment industry. At the end of last year, she founded her own label, ODD ATELIER, and this week attended the Chanel Fashion Show. A journalist who reported on Aespa’s Karina and Lee Jaewook’s relationship recently discussed why Jennie never apologized for her actions. But no human being owes anyone an apology for behaving like a normal human being. K-POP idols are people too and can go to parties and date people just like the rest of us. People who see idols as toys actually owe people an apology.

All these ridiculous news aside, Jennie’s success can be attributed to her smart career management and continuous involvement in music and brands. She features in the variety program Apartment 404, airing every Friday on tvN, and is preparing for her full album release. Following her duet with Matt Champion in “Slow Motion”, fans eagerly await an album announcement from Jennie. When Jennie appeared on Lee Hyori’s show, she said that she wanted to release a full album with many songs.