Foreign travel ban: lifted for G-Dragon, extended for Lee Sun-kyun

The police have lifted the foreign travel ban on singer G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong, 35), who is under suspicion of drug use

According to legal circles on Nov 27th, the drug crime investigation unit of the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency decided not to extend the foreign travel ban on G-Dragon, which expired on Nov 25th.

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The police did not send a “request for extension of foreign travel ban” to the Ministry of Justice recently, and G-Dragon’s side was also notified of the lifting of the foreign travel ban. G-Dragon was booked for drug-related charges under the Narcotics Control Act and received a foreign travel ban on Oct 26th, which has now been lifted after just about a month.

However, the police reportedly requested the Ministry of Justice to extend the travel ban for actor Lee Sun-kyun, who is being investigated on charges of taking marijuana and psychiatric medication under the Narcotics Control Act.

According to the Immigration Control Act, the Minister of Justice can ban departure for up to one month for criminal investigation. If it is necessary to continue the travel ban after that one month, the investigative agency in charge must submit a request for extension to the Ministry of Justice specifying the reasons for the extension and the expected extension period.

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It is speculated that the direction of the investigation will change when the decisions against G-Dragon and Lee Sun-kyun are different.

Both of them tested negative in the National Forensic Service’s detailed examinations but it seems like the police will only continue the investigation into Lee Sun-kyun, who exchanged text messages with entertainment establishment director A, while G-Dragon’s case is likely to end because there is no evidence.

Source: Nate