Former EXO Member Luhan’s Copycat Shockingly Earns $680,000 a Month

A shocking success story of a Chinese influencer who looks like Ex-EXO’s Luhan has been revealed.

Chinese influencer Lingdao (凌达乐), famous as ‘Luhan’s Copycat,’ has made headlines for reportedly earning around $680,000 in a month, by mimicking former EXO member Luhan.

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Last year, Lingdao gained significant popularity with his “Luhan Parody” videos. He adopted the pseudonym “Luha” and formed the boy group “ESO” with other members, diligently imitating Luhan, who was once a member of EXO.

Former EXO Member Luhan's Copycat

Due to fan backlash, Lingdao later changed his stage name from Luha to Lingdao and continued his activities. He is currently known for hosting live broadcasts as a source of income. During one of his broadcasts, a viewer asked him how much money he had earned. He took out his phone and said, “I only have 320,000 RMB in Alipay.” However, when asked about his income for this year, he astonishingly revealed that he had earned an average of 5 million RMB (approximately $680,000) per month over the past seven months, totaling 35 million RMB.

There were rumors that Lingdao had purchased a house worth 30 million RMB, to which he responded, “It’s true that I bought a suite, but I actually spent only 11 million RMB,” refuting the speculation. He also mentioned that he spent 6 million RMB on an office and a new car, showcasing his wealth.

Netizens expressed their envy, with some commenting, “It seems like he will earn more than Luhan this year.”

However, some netizens criticized Lingdao for becoming arrogant and unrealistic after gaining fame. In response, he said, “I believe I’m showing enough restraint,” proudly highlighting his accomplishments.

Source: Daum.