Former girl group member was handed over to trial on charges of false accusation

An idol-turned-BJ was found to have made accusations against an entertainment agency CEO

BJ (Internet broadcaster) A, who is accused of falsely accusing the CEO of an entertainment agency of attempting to rape her, was recently handed over to trial. A was a member of an idol group until a few years ago

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According to legal sources on Sep 15th, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s Women and Children Crime Investigation Division 1 (Chief Prosecutor Kim Eun Mi) indicted A, a woman in her 20s, without detention on charges of false accusation on Sep 7th.

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According to Money Today’s report, A was a member of a girl group in the mid-2010s, but she quit and changed her job to BJ. A is accused of falsely accusing a man called B, the CEO of an entertainment agency, of attempting to rape her at the company’s office for tens of minutes last January.

The police investigated B on charges of attempted rape but decided not to send the case to the prosecution. However, A filed an objection and the prosecution ended up taking over the case for further investigations. According to the Criminal Procedure Act, the police must hand over the case to the prosecution when an objection is filed.

After reviewing all the evidence, including CCTV footage, mobile message conversations, and transcripts of phone calls, the prosecution judged that B was not guilty of attempted rape. As a result, the focus of the investigation was switched to A’s alleged false accusation. Accordingly, on the day of the incident, the two entered the office together with mutual agreement but then left the room without having sexual intercourse.

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A claimed to have pushed B before running out of the office but the CCTV showed her leaving the room by simply opening the door. Even after leaving the office, the two were found to have physical contact while waiting for a substitute driver.

A few days later, B expressed his worries about A having stress at work and suggested that A take a short rest from broadcasting activities. However, A reportedly interpreted the advice as a notice of job dismissal so she filed a complaint against B to the police in February. Due to the false accusation, several BJs have reportedly left the agency, causing B to suffer both economic and psychological damage.

Source: Nate