Former Idol Caught in Web of Lies After Fatal DUI Accident — Details Inside

The aftermath of former idol-turned-DJ Yeseong’s involvement in a fatal DUI accident continues to unravel as new revelations cast doubt on the authenticity of her apology statement.

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The incident, which resulted in the death of a single father, has sparked public outrage and intensified scrutiny on Yeseong’s actions and statements.

DJ Yeseong
(Photo : tiktok)
DJ Yeseong

I know there is nothing I can do that absolves me from the crime. I will carry the pain I caused the victim and his family for the rest of my life.

– DJ Yesong

Allegations of Misrepresentation

Yeseong’s apology, conveyed through her mother while she was in police custody, included a statement about losing her father at a young age, ostensibly to empathize with the pain of the victim’s family.

DJ crashed her car on deliveryman’s motorbike
(Photo : Sports Chosun)
DJ crashed her car on deliveryman’s motorbike

However, investigations by JTBC revealed that Yeseong’s claim of paternal loss was false. Contrary to her assertion, her biological father is alive, prompting questions about the veracity of her entire statement.

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Miscommunication or Deception?

In response to the allegations, Yeseong’s mother admitted to a “miscommunication,” clarifying that while she raised Yeseong without a husband from an early age, she never claimed that Yeseong’s father had passed away.

In the media interview, I talked about raising my child (Yeseong) without a husband from the age of 3. I did not mention that my husband had passed away. So, there must have been a misunderstanding on that part.

– DJ Yesong’s mother

This explanation raises further skepticism about the accuracy and intentions behind Yeseong’s initial apology.

Questionable Conduct and Legal Ramifications

Amid the controversy surrounding her statements, Yeseong remains in police custody following the fatal accident.

Eyewitnesses reported her lack of cooperation with first responders at the scene, raising concerns about her conduct and demeanor in the aftermath of the tragedy.

DJ Yeseong
(Photo : News1)
DJ Yeseong

Additionally, her elevated blood alcohol level, which led to the revocation of her driver’s license, underscores the severity of the situation.

Authorities have intensified their scrutiny of Yeseong’s involvement in the incident, including requesting a detailed drug examination after preliminary tests returned negative results.