Former NCT Lucas’ Solo Debut Cancelled? SM Clarifies The Real Deal

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Amidst fervent anticipation for former NCT member Lucas’ solo debut, unexpected rumors of its cancellation ignited a storm of controversy.

The speculation, which spread rapidly across social media platforms, left fans puzzled and divided.

Lucas’ Turbulent Past and Anticipated Comeback

Lucas, recognized for his magnetic presence, had previously taken a hiatus in 2021 following his involvement in a gaslighting scandal.

His subsequent departure from NCT and WayV in 2023 left many questioning his future in the entertainment industry.

However, earlier this month, SM Entertainment officially announced Lucas’ solo debut, scheduled for April, reigniting hopes among his supporters.

Social Media Frenzy and Prank Unraveled

The controversy reached its zenith on March 18 when discussions surrounding the alleged failure of Lucas’ solo debut trended on Weibo. Originating from a post circulating on Twitter, the news quickly gained traction on various platforms.


SMTOWNGLOBAL must address the unacceptable insults directed at Lucas on Weverse. Ignoring this issue not only harms Lucas’s well-being but also reflects poorly on its platform management. Quick action is necessary to protect Lucas and ensure a safe place for Lucas and fans.

Kpopies have a weird talent of connecting everything happening in kworld to Lucas

Man need to be blamed for every disaster which happens on earth!!

I accidentally hit someone because of Lucas

i really don’t understand why he’s still getting so much hate, he literally didn’t do anything, it was proven the scandal was made up… i will never forgive the one who did this to him

However, amidst the chaos, SM Entertainment intervened, clarifying that the cancellation reports were unfounded and merely a prank orchestrated by a Twitter user.

Clarity Emerges: Lucas’ Solo Debut On Track

As the confusion subsided, clarity emerged regarding Lucas’ solo debut. Updates on his Weverse account reaffirmed the continuation of his planned release, with his first single, “Renegade,” set for unveiling on April 1, 2024.

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