‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode 10: Did Go Kyung Pyo & Kang Han Na Confirm Their Relationship?

Will Song Ki Baek (Go Kyung Pyo) and On Woo Ju (Kang Han Na) finally admit their relationship? Let’s all find out in this “Frankly Speaking” Episode 10 recap!

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‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode 10: Ma Mira Tries To Deny Song Ki Baek, On Woo Ju’s Relationship

Song Ki Baek and On Woo Ju were criticized by the public, leading the regular broadcast of “Couple Heaven” to be put on hold.

Director Ma Mira held an interview and explained that the dating show contestants were not in a relationship and the rumors sparked due to one’s lie.

Frankly Speaking
(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

Woo Ju was under threat. Kim Jeong Heon’s (Joo Jong Hyuk) fan was about to attack her.

Thankfully, Ki Baek and Jeong Heon discovered this and prevented a major accident.

Ki Baek, who was skeptical about the explanatory interview denying his relationship with Woo Ju, changed his mind.

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He hated the idea of Woo Ju getting hurt more than being lied to. He then vowed to do everything he could. His frank spirit was activated during the press conference and gave unfiltered answers, such as exposing Cho Hee’s lie.

Song Ki Baek Surprises Press for Admitting His Relationship With On Woo Ju

Contrary to his intentions, he abruptly admitted in front of the press that he and On Woo Ju were dating.

There, he became honest about how she saved him and eventually developed special feelings for the entertainment writer.

Frankly Speaking
(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

He also brought evidence containing the voice of Choo Hee, threatening Yoo Young to tell a lie. They successfully cleaned the rumors. After getting out of the controversy, Woo Ju and Ki Baek became an official couple by cooly announcing their relationship in public.

Although the matter was resolved, Ki Baek was worried that his family would suffer again because of his frankness. He then discovered that members of his family are receiving criticism wherever they go.

Song Ki Baek’s Family Involved in Unfortunate Accident

Song Ki Baek felt sorry for unintentionally hurting his family, but he couldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t happen again.

Frankly Speaking - Go Kyung Pyo
(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

Meanwhile, Kim Joo Ho (Kwon Yul), a neurosurgeon who was anxious, advised Ki Baek that there was no cure for his illness. The former announcer was devastated by the news. Instead of worrying about it, he decided to focus on the present and planned a trip with his family.

Unfortunately, the happy time was short-lived as misfortune struck Song Ki Baek’s family. He received a call from a colleague, saying that his family got into a car accident while heading to their destination.

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