‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode 11: Kang Han Na Meets Her Biological Mother

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On Woo Ju (Kang Han Na) met her long-lost mother, while Song Ki Baek (Go Kyung Pyo) faced a crisis in “Frankly Speaking” episode 11.

‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode 11: Song Ki Baek Faces Family Crisis

Frankly Speaking - Go Kyung Pyo
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Song Ki Baek rushed to the hospital after hearing the news of his mother, Na Yoo Jeong’s accident. He was told by the doctor to prepare himself for the possible outcome of the surgery.

He learned from his younger brother Song Pung Baek that their mother turned the steering wheel so she would not hurt anyone on their way to the family picnic. Then they are informed that the surgery went well and are just waiting for her to wake up.

On Woo Ju Reunites With Her Biological Mother

Meanwhile, On Woo Ju finally dared to face her biological mother. Just to clear the questions she had growing up about her mom, Woo Ju’s mother shared the real reason why she abandoned her daughter. After moments of confrontation, the two finally cleared their misunderstandings and gave each other a warm hug.

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Accidentally, Woo Ju met Song Ki Baek in the same hospital. She told him the truth about seeing her mother. The two had a conversation and sensed that Ki Baek was lying.

At the hospital, Song Ki Baek said to his doctor, Kim Joo Ho (Kwon Yul) that he felt sudden changes in him. Mr. Kim suspected that the sudden switch in Ki Baek’s system was because of his feelings for Woo Ju. Since his feelings were genuine, he started to return to his old self as if the switch in his body began to disappear.

Song Ki Baek Mourns The Death of His Mother

Unfortunately, Song Ki Baek’s mom died and his attention is on his family. He needed to protect them so he went to On Woo Ju and shared his current problem. Woo Ju assured him to always be by his side and advised him not to hide his problems.

Later on, Ki Baek with his family looked for a funeral home. He had a conversation with his dad, who wanted to speak to his former manager to clean his name in the corporate world, so Ki Baek could return to work.

But he stopped him and begged his father to stop meddling with his mess. As they confronted each other, Song Ki Baek’s memories of his father’s accident flashbacked, giving him guilt.

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Kim Jeong Heon Plans of Retiring From Showbiz

Frankly Speaking
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Elsewhere, On Woo Ju set out to find Kim Jeong Heon (Joo Jong Hyuk). She heard that he disappeared and was planning to retire from entertainment. She tried to change his mind, which somehow helped as Jeong Heon was considering just taking a break instead of officially quitting.

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