‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode 2: Kang Han Na Feels Guilty About Go Kyung Pyo’s Miserable Life

On Woo Joo (Kang Han Na) was worried about Song Ki Baek’s (Go Kyung Pyo) miserable life in “Frankly Speaking” Episode 2.

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‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode 2: Song Ki Baek & On Woo Joo Lost Their Jobs

In “Frankly Speaking” Episode 2, the aftermath of Song Ki Baek throwing a fiery lesson to the rude idol P.N. was depicted.

At the time, an article titled “Announcer S assaults idol” was reported based on a tip from a staff member who secretly filmed the scene, and Ki Baek became a hot topic overnight.

'Frankly Speaking' Still
(Photo : JTBC Drama Official)

Due to this, he was notified of his departure from the popular noon news and was attacked by PN’s fans.

After the sad news and due to the effect of his incident, he mercilessly bombarded everyone he met within the company with facts and harsh comments.

No matter how much he controlled himself, his spirit went crazy, and was on the verge of jumping as the words he had been thinking came out uncontrollably.

Still, there was no one he could rely on. Even his family was not a refuge for him. His parents were worried about their son’s changed behavior, but they also worried the living expenses they had received would run out since Ki Baek was fired from work.

'Frankly Speaking’ Still
(Photo : JTBC Drama Official)

The only person who comforted him was writer On Woo Joo (Kang Han Na). Her show was abolished after PN left the show after complaining of PTSD caused by verbal abuse. It was a job that depended on the livelihood of her juniors. Despite doing her best, she failed to maintain the show.

Song Ki Baek Turns Award Show Into A Mess Due To His Frank Comments

Elsewhere, Ki Baek was given an opportunity to host a brand award ceremony hosted by the broadcasting station for the first time.

Frankly Speaking
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If he did well, he could have a chance to audition for the main anchor position. However, when doing his makeup, his senses were triggered and his tongue started to speak harshly again.

He noted that since only one candidate attended, it was obvious who would get the award. During his hosting period, he also spoke harshly, making the whole ceremony a disaster.

Song Ki Baek suffered from nightmares. He was anxious the moment he woke up. He then received a message about suspension and pay reduction, making his life more miserable.

On Woo Joo Feels Guilty of Song Ki Baek’s Miserable Life

At the suggestion of Yoon Ji Hoo (Go Gyu Pil), his friend and colleague, with whom he is open about his problems, Ki Baek went to the beach to soothe his chaotic feelings. As he climbed a high rock and looked at the rolling sea, he felt endless resentment.

Woo Joo, who happened to be visiting the place at the same time, was worried about Song Ki Baek as his attitude changed because of her. She saw him at the top of the rock and was mistaken about ending his life so she rushed to save him.

She went near him and was about to reach Ki Baek when the two accidentally fell on the water.

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