‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode 3: Go Kyung Pyo Surprises Everyone With His Resignation

With On Woo Ju’s (Kang Han Na) help, Song Ki Baek (Go Kyung Pyo) can free himself from being mistreated and embark on a new life in “Frankly Speaking” Episode 3.

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‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode 3: Song Ki Baek Suffers From False Rumors

Song Ki Baek suffered from the public’s judgment after false rumors about him circulated. He was known for his professionalism and dedication at work, but things changed when he was electrocuted.

Frankly Speaking
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Due to this, he couldn’t control his emotions and became more frank in front of the people.

According to the diagnosis, the situation or behavior during the accident may have been imprinted, causing the symptoms to turn on and off like a switch.

But this did not yield a clear answer to him. After being suspended, Ki Baek returned to work and tried to overcome anxiety. He received cold treatment from his colleagues and boss after messing around.

On Woo Ju’s Words Inspire Song Ki Baek

Song Ki Baek then came to a realization that it was On Woo Ju who saved him and was the only person who was there for him.

Woo Ju, on the other hand, faced difficulties at her job too. She also blamed herself for what happened to Ki Baek.

Frankly Speaking
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They had a heartfelt conversation and that’s when Song Ki Baek gained strength from Woo Ju’s words.

The next day, he participated in the main anchor audition. Despite knowing that the company already had someone in mind to hire, he still tried his luck.

He started working again in the newsroom for the audition. However, he received criticism and the judges are badmouthing him.

Just as he was about to pour out his true feelings, Woo Ju stopped by the audition room to cheer him up.

After regaining his stability, he delivered his lines well and received positive reviews from the judges.

Song Ki Baek Decides to Give Up His Dream, Resigns From Being News Anchor

However, in the final sequence, the anchor briefing, he could not ignore his inner thoughts. The reason Song Ki Baek insisted on doing the news was because he believed that news was the only real thing in a life full of lies.

Frankly Speaking
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He believed that truth, fairness, and justice were the values that made news exist, so he became a person who only lived with facts and honesty. However, the bitter reality was that the dignity of a person and the honesty of the news disappeared and it had become a business driven by viewership ratings and money.

So after finishing the briefing, he candidly said on cam that he would resign and leave the rotten environment of the news industry. It shocked his boss and his colleagues. He winked at Woo Ju, who was also surprised with his decision.

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