‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode 6: Love Triangle Sparks Between Go Kyung Pyo, Kang Han Na & Joo Jong Hyuk

On Woo Ju (Kang Han Na) joined her show which ignited the love triangle between Song Ki Baek (Go Kyung Pyo) and Kim Jeong Heon (Joo Jong Hyuk) in “Frankly Speaking” episode 6.

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‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode 6: Song Ki Baek’s First Love Min Cho Hee Appears in ‘Couple Heaven’

In this episode, the relationship between Song Ki Baek, On Woo Ju, and Kim Jeong Heon is in chaos. They wanted to confess to each other, but due to their duties at work, they tried to hide their true feelings for the sake of their jobs.

Min Cho Hee (Han Dong Hee) appeared on ‘Couple Heaven.’ She was the first love of the male cast members, and she was the person who hung out with Ki Baek and Jeong Heon, her former schoolmates. 

Frankly Speaking
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She asked Ki Baek out on a date and expressed her interest in him. Song Ki Baek was shocked by her appearance and it was revealed that she was his first love. He discovered that Woo Ju used the quote notebook in the program he gave to her. 

Instead of making a scene, Ki Baek understood what Woo Ju was trying to do was just for the job and nothing against him. He showed his sincerity during the dating show filming, which also surprised everyone on set.

Frankly Speaking
(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

Elsewhere, the staff of “Couple Heaven” also showered praise on Jeong Heon, a known celebrity and one of the most-loved TV personalities. He showed a positive attitude despite the passers-by who were behaving rudely.

On Woo Ju & Song Ki Baek Struggle to Convey Their Feelings for Each Other

On Woo Ju, on the other hand, was having a hard time hiding her growing feelings for Song Ki Baek. During the night, she decided to confess her true feelings to Ki Baek, but then she realized their reality as an actor and a writer, who works on a project, as it may bring problems in the future. 

Frankly Speaking
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Meanwhile, Ki Baek was also experiencing the same thing. His mind knew he shouldn’t confess, but his heart was telling him otherwise. After contemplating, he decided to admit his complicated feelings and be honest. But ended up not confessing. 

While the two took a step back from each other, Jeong Heon took his chance to step forward. 

On Woo Ju Replaces Min Cho Hee in the Dating Show

On Woo Ju celebrated her birthday, which she had never been able to celebrate when she was dating Jeong Heon. The event took place at the filming site, and Jeong Heon actively revealed the feelings he had been unable to show due to his past mistakes. 

Frankly Speaking
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However, things turned complicated again between the two as he tried to get another chance from Woo Ju. It was then she admitted that the two of them used to date before. 

Another chaos occurred when Yoo Young suddenly left the show and On Woo Ju had no choice but to replace her as the new cast member. A love triangle sparked between Ki Baek, Woo Ju, and Jeong Heon.

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