‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode 9: Go Kyung Pyo, Kang Han Na Face Crisis Amid Dating Show’s Popularity

iSong Ki Baek (Go Kyung Pyo) and On Woo Ju (Kang Han Na), who starred in the dating show, faced an unexpected crisis in “Frankly Speaking” Episode 9. 

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‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode 9: Song Ki Baek Rises To Stardom Amid Appearance in ‘Couple Heaven’

In this episode, the dating show “Couple Heaven” that On Woo Ju produced, starring Song Ki Baek, became a huge hit, surpassing double-digit viewership ratings with its 5 pilot episodes.

Frankly Speaking - Go Kyung Pyo
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The response to Ki Baek’s appearance was hot and he even landed his first advertisement, got a manager to accompany him on his schedule, and had fans asking him for pictures. 

After receiving his payment for the advertising job, Ki Baek went to the supermarket first but was surprised by the crowd who recognized him and asked for his autograph. He spent each day feeling as if he was going to fly as he was experiencing something for the first time.

On Woo Ju Struggles After Quitting ‘Couple Heaven’

Meanwhile, On Woo Ju was said to have sat out of writing the script for their dating show’s regular programming.

Main PD Chae Yeon (Kim Sae Byeok) objected, saying that Woo Ju, who originally planned the program, could not be left out.

Frankly Speaking
(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

However, Woo Ju did her best for everyone smiled as if nothing had happened, and left the team on her own accord. No program needed Woo Ju, as a writer. She has been receiving calls but they were recruiting her as a contestant to increase the popularity of “Couple Heaven.”

As the program went well, more people recognized her and it became hard to even go on a regular date with Song Ki Baek. Making things worse, her complicated family history was revealed on the broadcast. 

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Song Ki Baek realized the difficult situation of Woo Ju. After hearing from Lee Ha Young, the second writer of the dating show, that Woo Ju had completely withdrawn from the program, he wanted to comfort her. He wanted to protect and strengthen her and become her safe place amid the chaos.

Song Ki Baek, On Woo Ju Encounter Unexpected Problem

Frankly Speaking
(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

He stayed by On Woo Ju’s side and suggested a night walk with her. He also accompanied her in doing laundry. Despite being with her, Ki Baek was angry at the public for treating her harshly. 

Song Ki Baek continues to console her. In response, On Woo Ju opened up and expressed her feelings about her current situation. The two shared a sweet and heart-fluttering moment.

The next day, another news shocked the two as a video went viral claiming that everything about the dating show “Couple Heaven” was a lie. While the crisis that has not yet ended has created tension, it raised questions about how Song Ki Baek and On Woo Ju will overcome it.

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