From aespa to SEVENTEEN, K-pop Artists are Actively Using AI to Keep with the times 

Last month, SEVENTEEN revealed that they used AI-generated scenes in their “MAESTRO” MV and teaser. This concept aligns with the video’s theme, questioning who the true maestro is amid the blurred lines of creation due to technological advancements.

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SEVENTEEN’s member Woozi, who has produced the group’s albums since their debut, shared his thoughts on this. At a press conference for their best album “17 IS RIGHT HERE” on April 29, Woozi stated, “Of course, I’ve tried composing and writing lyrics with AI. I’ve practiced a lot with it. Rather than just complaining about the advancements in technology, I thought we should adapt to it.” 


He also added, “We’re constantly pondering the pros and cons, how to maintain our unique identity amidst rapidly evolving technology. This understanding was well-shared with our music video directors.”

Similarly, aespa used AI in the music video for “Supernova,” one of the double title tracks from their first full-length album released on the 27th. The video features scenes where the members’ faces remain still while only their mouths move unnaturally as they sing. At the showcase for their album “Armageddon,” member Ningning commented, “It was an unexpected scene. It made me think deeply. AI covers and related technologies are trending and continually advancing. Seeing that, I felt that no matter how advanced AI gets, it can’t replicate human warmth or expressions.”

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In aespa’s case, the eerie effect was intentional, aligning with the concept and enhancing their unique “metallic” aesthetic.

Virtual idols like MAVE, which utilize AI technology, are also becoming capable of more nuanced expressions. There’s even “Louis,” a virtual human created with AI, indicating that advanced technology can significantly enhance the final output.

Contrary to fears that AI might replace human creativity, it appears to be augmenting it. With these pioneering efforts, the entertainment industry is expected to acknowledge AI not as a threat but as a valuable tool to be actively utilized.

Source: Daum