From Antagonist to Fan-Favorite: Kim Joo-ryong Steals ‘Queen of Tears’ Viewers’ Hearts

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In the enthralling narrative of “Queen of Tears,” Grace Ko emerged as a character initially met with frustration by viewers as she navigated the intricate relationships within the Queens family and Mo Sol-hee.

However, Kim Joo-ryong’s portrayal breathed life into Grace, evolving her from a figure of disdain to one of empathy and intrigue.

The Art of Acting

Kim Joo-ryong’s skillful performance captivated audiences, with her nuanced facial expressions, impeccable tone of voice, and articulate delivery drawing widespread acclaim. ?/

As the drama unfolded, viewers found themselves drawn deeper into Grace’s world, pondering the complexities of her character and the decisions she would make. As the series approached its conclusion,

Kim Joo-ryong expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from viewers, both locally and internationally.

She reflected on the emotional journey of watching the series herself and marveled at the talent among the cast.

A Collaborative Effort

Acknowledging the collaborative effort behind the scenes, Kim extended her appreciation to the writer and director for their vision and guidance in shaping Grace Ko’s character.

Despite her initial uncertainties, she thanked viewers for embracing her portrayal and promised to continue delivering compelling performances in the future.

Here’s what netizens are saying:

It was coming , Glad Grace sided with Queens

She’s smart after all You might not know what Grace is at all.

 I was looking at the comments on our post and was surprised to see someone reacted with ‘Haha.’ Oh?So, no one reacted to my post?

Who is this person who reacted with Haha?!” With due respect to every solo from every fandom,I request you to kindly maintain grace and dignity while even criticizing any character! 

Not surprising! ..they both deserve each other 

As the final episode loomed, Kim Joo-ryong admitted to feeling a mix of emotions.

While acknowledging the potential for tears, she reassured fans of her commitment to future projects, fueled by the love and support received during her time on “Queen of Tears.

The Final Curtain

With anticipation building for the series finale, viewers prepare to bid farewell to the beloved drama.

The culmination of Grace Ko’s journey promises an emotional and memorable conclusion to a remarkable series.

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