From Han So-hee To Nana, Celebrities Who Removed Full-Body Tattoos “20 Million Won Just For Removal”

On June 7th, Han So-hee shared a photo on her personal channel wearing a black string sleeveless shirt, revealing her upper body covered in tattoo stickers.

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The black tattoos contrasted sharply with her pale skin, drawing attention. Han So-hee was known to have removed her tattoos, which once covered her arms, to debut in the entertainment industry.

Reportedly, Han So-hee spent around 20 million won to remove all her tattoos with the support of her agency, which became a hot topic.

At the time, Han So-hee explained, “That version of me is still me, and this version is also me. It was only 3~4 years ago. My thoughts and beliefs haven’t changed much since then. Working in this industry comes with restrictions on one’s lifestyle, which shaped who I am today.”

Han So-hee also mentioned using tattoo stickers to relieve stress and recently revealed a tattoo on her waist at a brand event.

Similarly, singer-actress Nana is another star frequently mentioned in discussions about tattoos.


Nana made headlines in 2022 for her extensive tattoos, which covered her body from her collarbone to her feet. She confessed that she chose tattoos as a way of relieving stress during a difficult time.

She added, “At my mother’s request, I’m removing all my tattoos. My mom said she wanted to see my clean body again.”

In 2023, Nana announced she was in the process of removing all her tattoos.

Despite the growing number of people getting tattoos, there are still many who feel uncomfortable with excessive tattoos. This has led to ongoing debates, with opinions divided between “It’s a form of self-expression” and “It’s unpleasant to look at“.