From Pantless Fashion to Min Hee Jin Presscon: 5 Controversies LE SSERAFIM Was Involved In This Year

The year just started, but LE SSERAFIM has already found themselves in a series of controversies.

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From their “indecent exposure” from the “Good Bones” trailer in January of this year to, most recently, Min Hee Jin shading LE SSERAFIM for being the first HYBE girl group to debut when it was meant to be NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM is facing a difficult hurdle in their career.

Keep on reading for all the details.

1. ‘Pantless’ Fashion for ‘EASY’ Comeback

On January 26, 2024, LE SSERAFIM released the trailer for the third mini-album, “EASY.” Titled “Good Bones,” the members were seen strutting with confidence in avant-garde fashion. Though well-loved by fans, Huh Yunjin and Kim Chaewon’s pantless fashion drew mixed reactions.

Huh Yunjin and Kim Chaewon were seen walking down the street wearing short crop tops but no pants, just underwear, with a long, padded coat. Some expressed concern that this exposure would pose an inappropriate influence on teenagers, as most of LE SSERAFIM’s fan base is made up of young teens.

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It was also noted that the members revealing their clothes could leave a negative impression toward LE SSERAFIM. However, international fans loved the group’s hip and free charm.

2. Victims of Sexually Inappropriate Remarks

In January, Taiwnese singer and actor Huang Weijin was accused of harassing LE SSERAFIM during their appearance at the “Superstar Red & White Entertainment Awards.”

During the event, Huang Weijin made sexually suggestive remarks upon seeing LE SSERAFIM eating sweet potatoes on bamboo skewers, sparking controversy. At the time, a cast member noted that he had a slip of the tongue.

Following intense criticism, Huang Weijin issued an apology on social media. However, people claim his apology was insincere.

3. Kazuha and &TEAM K Embroiled in Dating Rumors

On April 3, it was reported Kazuha was dating fellow HYBE Labels labelmate, &TEAM’s K. Japanese media outlet Weekly Bunshun claimed that Kazuha and K were in a romantic relationship. Weekly Bunshun reported that the two had been friends for about a year before starting their relationship around the summer of 2022. After HYBE found out about their relationship last summer, they broke up but reunited around last fall.

Additionally, Weekly Bunshun released a photo showing the two on date at a high-end restaurant in Ginza, Japan, back on March 17.

HYBE commented on the rumors, stating that they are not dating but are good friends. Following the announcement, Weekly Bunshun hinted at releasing additional photos of the two together but failed to provide further information.

Back in January 2023, that same publication claimed LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon was dating a rapper. However, it turns out the photo used as “proof” was edited.

4. LE SSERAFIM’s Coachella Performance

LE SSERAFIM performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the United States on April 13 and were slammed over their live vocal ability.

From Pantless Fashion to Min Hee Jin Press Conference: 5 Controversies LE SSERAFIM Was Involved In This Year
From Pantless Fashion to Min Hee Jin Press Conference: 5 Controversies LE SSERAFIM Was Involved In This Year
(Photo : LE SSERAFIM on X)

Though praised for their stage presence and dance skills, the girl group received criticism for their unstable pitch and shaky vocals. They performed again on April 20, and the girls were slammed again for how loud their backing track was, making it almost impossible for them to hear LE SSERAFIM’s live vocals.

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After facing criticism following the first stage, Sakura left a lengthy statement on the fan community Weverse, claiming it was the best performance LE SSERAFIM had performed. This led to immense backlash, with people claiming she appeared arrogant amid the backlash.

5. LE SSERAFIM Mentioned During Min Hee Jin’s Press Conference

As HYBE and ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin engaged in a feud over allegations of usurping management rights, LE SSERAFIM was mentioned during the latter’s press conference.

From Pantless Fashion to Min Hee Jin Press Conference: 5 Controversies LE SSERAFIM Was Involved In This Year
From Pantless Fashion to Min Hee Jin Press Conference: 5 Controversies LE SSERAFIM Was Involved In This Year
(Photo : News1)

On April 25, Min Hee Jin held an emergency press conference. During the conference, Min Hee Jin denied allegations of usurping management rights and made statements implying that HYBE debuted LE SSERAFIM despite their promise that NweJeans would be HYBE’s first girl group. Additionally, Min Hee Jin mentioned the names of two LE SSERAFIM members, drawing attention to them.

In response, Source Music stated on April 26: “We deeply regret the current situation where false statements, as well as rude mentions of other artists’ names, were made public without care for decency. We strongly request that some situations not be repeated in the future.”

They also indicated their intention to strengthen legal action to protect their artists, citing the serious level of malicious postings, spread of false information, sexual harassment, malicious defamation and mockery, and damage to reputation directed towards LE SSERAFIM.