From Tears of Sorrow to Tears of Joy, Min Hee-jin “Thank You to Those Who Supported Me”

CEO Min appeared in a yellow cardigan with neatly tied hair and began by saying, “Fortunately, I’m able to greet you after winning the lawsuit, so I feel a bit lighter.” She continued, “The reason for today’s press conference is to share my thoughts and our situation.

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She expressed gratitude to those who supported and cheered for her during this complex situation. She teared up while saying, “I want to thank each and every one of you who gave me great strength.”

min hee jin

CEO Min previously made headlines with her casual attire and bold language, including cursing at HYBE’s executives, during the first press conference on April 25th.

This morning, ADOR held its extraordinary shareholders’ meeting in Jongno-gu, Seoul, where the dismissal of two internal directors Shin and Kim, who were known to be close associates of CEO Min, was approved. Additionally, three new internal directors, Lee Jae-sang (CSO), Kim Joo-young (CHRO) and Lee Kyung-joon (CFO), were appointed.

min hee jin

HYBE did not exercise its voting rights on the motion to dismiss CEO Min at this extraordinary shareholders’ meeting, as announced on May 30th. Initially, HYBE planned to dismiss CEO Min at the meeting, but the Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Division 50 (Chief Judge Kim Sang-hoon) accepted CEO Min’s request for an injunction to prohibit the exercise of voting rights, allowing her to retain her position.