From Visual to Acting, Lee Yoo Bi’s Transformation into a Terrifying Villain in “The Escape of Seven” Impresses Viewers 

Lee Yoo Bi captivates in “The Escape of Seven” as Han Mo Ne, a chillingly cunning character

In the wake of the first two episodes of “The Escape of Seven: War for Survival,” viewers are captivated by the performance of Lee Yoo Bi. She portrays Han Mo Ne, one of the seven main characters in the series. Mo Ne is a 20-year-old girl who conceals her true age and identity to go to highschool. Her character is succinctly described as a “demon disguised as an angel,” unflinchingly pursuing what she wants through any means necessary.

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Lee Yoo Bi

As the storyline unfolds, Mo Ne, portrayed by Lee Yoo Bi, becomes the character that leaves the most impression on viewers. With just two episodes, Mo Ne manages to take the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from shock to utter surprise.

mo ne seok kyung

Mo Ne draws comparisons to Seok Kyung, an antagonist from “Penthouse” played by Han Ji Hyun, because of their similar appearances with short hair and wicked natures. While Seok Kyung is the result of misguided upbringing, Mo Ne’s impoverished upbringing fuels her unrelenting ambition, driving her to pursue wealth as the ultimate purpose of her existence. Her ambition knows no bounds, and she stops at nothing to achieve her goals.

In the early twists of the plot, Mo Ne sets her sights on her classmate, Bang Da Mi, turning her into a pawn in her sinister game. What viewers didn’t anticipate is Mo Ne’s ability to mold Da Mi into her mirror image, meticulously replicating everything from hairstyle to fashion, only to later cast Da Mi as the scapegoat for her evil deeds.

Mo Ne’s deviousness reaches unsettling heights as she sets up a pregnancy checkup using Da Mi’s name. She then teams up with her manager to thrust Da Mi into a spiral of online hatred and humiliation. Even Da Mi’s foster father is not spared from Mo Ne’s manipulation, as he gets caught up in allegations of an inappropriate relationship with his adopted daughter. In a short span of time, Mo Ne manages to strip Da Mi of everything she holds dear.

Lee Yoo Bi’s portrayal of Han Mo Ne, deserves praise. She masterfully navigates the complexity of her character, sending shivers down viewers’ spines.

“The Escape of Seven: War for Survival” has proved that Lee Yoo Bi is a versatile actress. Her portrayal of Mo Ne leaves viewers both awestruck and terrified.

Not only her acting but also Lee Yoo Bi’s appearance in the drama has earned praise. Playing a high school student who is actually 20 years old, Lee Yoo Bi cut her hair short, that makes her look different from her recent role in “Yumi’s Cell.” In new still cuts of unaired scenes, Lee Yoo Bi will appear with long, purple-dyed hair, representing Mo Ne’s new transformation. 

Source: K14