FTISLAND Minhwan Faces Backlash Over Clip Revealing Mother’s Treatment of Ex-Wife Yulhee — Details Inside

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In the midst of F.T. Island’s Minhwan and former LABOUM member Yulhee’s divorce, an old clip from their appearance on “The Return of Superman” has stirred controversy.

The clip, now making rounds on social media, captures a tense interaction involving Yulhee, Minhwan, his mother, and the children. The scene unfolds as Yulhee purchases bread for the kids, triggering an unexpected reaction from Minhwan’s mother.

Mother-in-Law’s Disapproval

Minhwan’s mother, visibly shocked, immediately criticizes Yulhee’s choice of snack for the children, highlighting a clash in parenting styles.

Despite Yulhee’s attempts to defend her decision, tensions escalate as Minhwan’s mother persists in her disapproval.

Silence Speaks Volumes

As the exchange unfolds, Minhwan appears conflicted, expressing uncertainty about how to navigate the situation. His reluctance to intervene draws criticism from viewers, who question his failure to support his ex-wife.

Netizens’ Reactions

Upon resurfacing, the clip ignites a firestorm of online discussion. Netizens express outrage over Minhwan’s perceived failure to defend Yulhee and speculate about the impact of his mother’s behavior on the couple’s relationship.

Here’s what netizens are saying:

  • “no wonder. this totally explains why they divorced. both mil and minhwan are the major problem. poor yulhee.. I guess this too explains why majority women in korea doesn’t want to marry”
  • “and now their divorce right?”
  • “Yulhee is a good mother, I would hate it if I had my MiL looking down or doubting me. It’s so uncomfortable”
  • “yulhee deserve better”
  • “the real reason behind the divorce is the MIL”
  • “I can’t with this kind og MIL….”
  • “minhwan is stup*d as well bcs he cant stand up for his wife. this is his family he has the rights to control ot however he want, not his mother. poor yulhee to survive with him until 3 child”
  • “Yes they both may have diff parenting style however, mil should be GUIDING them how to parent and not get herself INVOLVED and Minhwan needs to stand-“

Against the backdrop of the couple’s recent divorce and Minhwan’s custody of their children, the resurgence of the clip resonates deeply. It underscores the challenges faced by the family and prompts reflection on the complexities of their situation.