Funny Incident That Makes Lee Hyo-ri Realize Generation Gap

Singer Lee Hyo-ri told fans a funny story on her social media

On September 21, Lee Hyo-ri wrote on her social media account , “I did my best to make a heart pose as big as possible because the reporters asked for it, but the reporter said “Not the old one.” Hahaha. Anyway, the movie Dr. Cheon is fun.”

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The photo released together shows Lee Hyo-ri attending the VIP premiere of the movie “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” and having a photo time with the reporters. Unlike the “hand heart” pose and the “cheek heart” pose, which are often done these days, she made a pose of drawing a big heart over the head., which is considered an old pose by the young.

Lee Hyori

After seeing her post, Internet users commented, “What do you mean old stuff!” “If Hyo-ri does it, it’s a new pose!” “It’s so cute because it’s big,” and “It’s going to be popular again,” showing their affection for Lee Hyo-ri to the fullest.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyo-ri was born in 1979 and is 44 years old this year. This year marks the 10th anniversary of her marriage to singer Lee Sang-soon.

The movie “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” (directed by Kim Sung-sik) will be released on September 27th. It is a story about a fake exorcist “Dr. Cheon” (Kang Dong-won), who does not believe in ghosts but has ghost-like insights, who got into a powerful case that he has never experienced before.

Source: Newsen