Funny situations when a foreigner learns Korean through K-drama lines

Collin, an American living in Korea, revealed how he practiced speaking Korean through K-dramas 

The recent broadcast of “Welcome, First Time Living In Korea?” featured the guest appearance of Collin, an American living in Korea.

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The program showed Collin learning Korean through dramas and movies. In the footage, Collin was seen lying on a mat in the middle of a park. 

While watching Korean dramas and movies, Collin repeated famous lines to practice the way Koreans speak as well as the characters’ intonation.


What drew attention was that he watched a historical drama and imitated the lines of the characters in a historical material tone. 

In particular, Collin even repeated the line, “I’m a eunuch”, without understanding what it means. Seeing this scene, the MCs burst into laughter.


The atmosphere in the studio then became sorrowful out of a sudden when Collin practiced the lines in an emotional scene. When asked if he knew what he was saying, Collin said, “I didn’t understand it back then. I just watched any video people sent me and practiced Korean”.


Later, he turned to a romantic drama and said the famous fluttering line, “We’ll date if I drink this”. Collin said, “I actually wanted to try this line”, drawing laughter.

“Welcome, First Time Living In Korea?” airs every Monday at 8:30 p.m.

Source: Daum