G-Dragon, Lee Jin-wook, Park Yoo-chun: Controversial Stars With Confident Attitude While Being Investigated

G-Dragon’s attitude while attending the police investigation reminds many people of Lee Jin-wook and Park Yoo-chun’s cases

On the afternoon of November 6th, G-Dragon came to Nonhyeon Police Station in Incheon to attend his first police investigation summon.

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Arriving on time, he stood in front of reporters in a fashionable suit and confident attitude. He relaxed himself by stretching his neck and hand as he walked to the photo line.


Before deciding to voluntarily take part in the investigation, G-Dragon announced he would take legal actions against false rumors about his drug use charges. The public began to be confused by his consistent complacency in claiming innocence.

That’s because they are reminded of Lee Jin-wook and Park Yoo-chun’s cases.

In 2016, actor Lee Jin-wook was accused of sexual assault. He appeared at the police as a suspect and proudly said, “It’s really easy to think that the other person made up false accusations just because I am famous.”

lee jin wook

He added that he would sincerely take part in the investigation, leaving a famous line, “False accusation is a really great crime.” Lee Jin-wook was later cleared of the charges. He appeared emotional and smiled in front of the reporters after the result was announced.

Lee Jin-wook claimed innocence from beginning to end, which is similar to G-Dragon’s move. However, Park Yoo-chun, who also strongly announced his innocence, had a different ending.

In 2019, actor Park Yoo-chun, a former member of the group JYJ, was accused of taking drugs with his now-ex-girlfriend Hwang Ha-na.

In response, Park Yoo-chun held an emergency press conference, saying, “I never took drugs.” Reading the prepared lines, he said he would first volunteer to take part in the investigation, promising to retire from the entertainment industry if the charges were admitted.

park yoo chun

Park Yoo-chun, like G-Dragon, voluntarily attended the police’s investigation. However, after three police investigations, drug substances were detected in the test result of his leg hair.

Eventually, Park Yoo-chun had to retire from the entertainment industry in disgrace. The actor the overturned all previous statements and admitted to drug administration.

Netizens are paying more attention to the upcoming investigation results and G-Dragon’s statement, saying, “There have been various cases in the entertainment industry,” and “This makes me more curious about the results.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon was tested negative in a simplified drug test and has requested a detailed examination. The police plan to collect his urine and to send to the National Forensic Service to conduct a thorough drug test.

Source: naver