G-Dragon Likes Comment From A Mother Of Autistic Child, “Overcome This As A Son Of Your Parents”

Yonhap NewsTV conducted an exclusive interview with G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji-yong) on November 13th.

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Regarding the drug allegations, the BIG BANG member emphasized, “I didn’t do it”, adding “I’ve never taken drugs or done any drug transactions, so it would be very strange if drug ingredients are detected on my body”.

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When asked about his clumsy tone and unusual movements, G-Dragon explained, “I started my career when I was only 6 years old and has been in the entertainment industry for 30 years. I’ve been dancing for a long time, so my body is a little more flexible than that of other people”, adding “From some aspects, every word I say may be misinterpreted. I became cautious as I began to realize my influence”.

After that, netizen A left a comment on G-Dragon’s latest SNS post. Introducing herself as a mother of a child with an autism spectrum, A said, “As soon as I wake up in the morning, I think about people always saying something hurtful to my son today… then I start my day with worries, and spend most of the time worrying about it”.

A continued, “Watching this situation, I felt more worried about Ji-yong’s parents than Ji-yong himself. They raised him so well… How unfair, upset, and sad they must be”, adding “You’re doing amazing right now”.

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A shared, “Parents only wish for one thing. They hope their children will endure and live well despite hardships. My parents always look at me that way and give me strength with their eyes”, adding “Right now, you’re not a star of someone or a friend of someone, but you’re just a son of Ji-yong’s parents, so hang in there and try to overcome this. I’m rooting for you”.

The comment received numerous likes and G-Dragon also pressed like on it. However, A seems to have deleted the comment as it drew so much attention. Other netizens also commented, “It must be mentally tiring”, “He really read all the comments”, “I hope he can overcome this issue”, etc.

Meanwhile, the police applied for a search and seizure warrant for G-Dragon’s residence and body but the court rejected it. G-Dragon voluntarily submitted his hair and nails, and a detailed examination by the National Forensic Service is underway.

Source: Daum