G-Dragon posting NewJeans’ goods on Instagram surprised and confused netizens

NewJeans on GD’s Instagram?

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NewJeans’ goods were suddenly posted on GD’s Instagram story

Will NewJeans feature in GD’s song?

[+33, -33]

1. [+56, -4] Who can give it to him? He usually likes cute dolls, he even wore Hello Kitty earrings

2. [+53, -16] He only released a single song without any activities and won 1st place among 4th generation idols, so what is he doing this for?

3. [+36, -2] Maybe not. On the other hand, this rumor should have spread when NewJeans wore GD’s clothes

4. [+25, -17] Danielle said that she recently met someone special and he treated her well as an oppa. Can this be true…?

5. [+18, -8] These comments prove that GD is still so hot ㅠ

6. [+16, -0] I don’t think so at all….

7. [+13, -6] GD has been inactive for 7 years but it’s crazy that people are curious just because of a doll he posted

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